WOMENASIA – Bangalore’s Biggest Women Sports & Fitness Fiesta with &ME

For all the Women of Bangalore, Sportzify is back to break your routine with WOMENASIA 2018!

We understand how difficult it is to manage both worlds, even for all the superwomen around us. All of us know the girls who have left their Passion for Sports as they got held up by the hustle bustle of adulthood.

All we want from you is to take out time for yourself & explore what you need to stay fit while having fun.

Sportzify is bringing the 2nd Edition of it’s Exclusive Women Sports Fiesta WOMENASIA this year on 17th & 18th November with &ME Health Drinks.

&ME, like Sportzify, believes women deserve the best, especially when it comes to their Fitness.

Let’s take a step back to understand what &ME stands for & why you need to know this?

&Me Health Drinks

&ME is a lifestyle Nutrition company creating Bioactive Beverage for women. They combine ancient Ayurvedic herbs and modern science to meet the fast-paced lifestyle of modern women.

But still, WHY YOU?

Research says that 51% of Indian women, aged 15-49, are anaemic and 70% have chances of osteoporosis due to lack of essential micronutrients like Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D.

As per WHO, men & women have different nutritional requirements. However, companies develop their products based on researches mainly conducted on men, which leaves a gap in women’s required daily intake (RDI).

For Ages, Indian Women have put forth the well-being & wishes of their loved ones.

It’s high time to Love Yourself. 

Take a small step towards staying Fit while having Fun with WOMENASIA and &ME Health Drinks.

We have 5 Sports & 1 Marathon to revoke that Passion for Sports & Fitness that you have!

Pick your sport and get ready to experience the thrill of playing with the fun & excitement, the being a part of a Glamourous Exclusive Sports & Fitness Fiesta to make you feel like a Superstar. Trust me, you are a Superstar!

Here’s what you can look forward to from &ME on the tournament day.

You will get to experience the various yummy flavours of the 2 categories of Health Drinks especially made for you!

Grace Drinks – to bring out your inner beauty through a range of micronutrients that help detoxify the blood, cleanse skin and strengthen hair and nails.

Rhythm Drinks – to help maintain a balance through monthly cycles by reducing pre-menstrual symptoms.

Watch out &ME’s CEO Ankur Goyal on why fitness & self-care is crucial for every woman.

Here’s what you’ll surely take back from WOMENASIA. A Lifetime Experience of Glamourous Sports with like-minded women and a lot of freebies.

To join Womenasia, visit www.womenasia.in



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