Womenasia’s Running Brand Ambassador – Savita Shastri

After organising lots of Sports events, we at Sportzify, have come up with a Fabulous Sports Fiesta exclusively for the Women.

Sportzify is dedicating the month of December to all the women!

Presenting WOMENASIA – An Exclusive Sports Fiesta for Women powered by Sakra World Hospitals. Womenasia includes 5 Sports Event and a Christmas Run.

The Christmas Run is open to all Men, Women & Kids. We have 3K, 5K, 10K Run & Half-Marathon with Timing Chips.

We have evolved a Community of Runners in Bangalore, who are the most active folks in the nation. One of them is Savita Shastri. Her Passion for Running is inspirational. Even after 2 knee surgeries, she hasn’t left her love of life – Running!

Let’s hear it out from Womenasia’s Running Ambassador Ms Savita Shastri:

Q – First of all Savita, tell us something about yourself. Anything interesting?

I am a strong minded, disciplined, college professor and marathon runner who derives energy from challenges of life. After undergoing Knee surgery in 2007 at a young age of 30 years, I was strictly advised not to run. I took a break from running for seven years but my passion got the best out of me and I am back into running. Since my comeback, I have won Kargil Half Marathon, Oxford Run Bangalore, Veteran Half Marathon, Pune.  At 40, I am still going strong and have a lot of more running left in me.


Q – What is the significance of sports in your life? Tell us about your sports or fitness journey.

Since childhood, I was crazy about sports especially Basketball and Badminton, but due to limited opportunities, I couldn’t pursue any of them. I did play a bit of Basketball at the college level and used to travel 12 Km every day to YMCA to play Badminton. Later in 2004, I decided to run the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and since then I haven’t given up on my passion for running. Running is a sport which doesn’t need any type of equipment or location. You can run anywhere, in a park, or on the road and as you start running, the passion will drive you forward.


Q – Which sport do you play?

Running is my passion but I also play Badminton for an hour at a local club every day I have a well-drafted running schedule. Every week I try to run 20 – 30 Kms and take part in at least 1 half marathon a month and a couple of 10K run. I love to travel out of town and take part in running events across India. Although I don’t play many sports, I am a big fan of Tennis, Basketball and Hockey.

Earlier not many marathons were organized but now the trend is catching up and there are running events almost every weekend in Bangalore. Sportzify is playing a pivotal role in popularizing long distance running among people.


Q – What’s your take on Womenasia – A complete Sports Fiesta exclusively for Women?

I think it’s a brilliant concept, something new, which no one has thought off. I feel women have a lot of strength, endurance, focus and determination and all of this is required for sports. So if women make up their mind, they can play anything and be good at it. I do see the trend of long distance running and cycling becoming popular among women, which is a good sign.

The Womenasia initiative by Sportzify is a great opportunity for women like me who in their young days weren’t lucky to have such sporting events.


Q – What is your best memory in your life related to any Sport?

Visiting Ladakh had been on my wishlist for a long time, and when I read about Kargil Marathon in July 2017, I was delighted. It was a 5-day trip and running on the Kargil – Drass road, a place where hundreds of soldiers laid down their life for us to be able to breathe in peace was memorable. It was even more overwhelming when I won the first place in the 21 Km (40+ women) category. The tough terrain, high altitude and the victory on a day which happen to be my 40th birthday, was truly a WOW moment for me.


Q – How do you take out time to pursue your Passion For Sports? What would be your advice for the same to the other Women?

If you have the desire and passion nothing is impossible. I am very clear about what makes me happy. My day starts early with a drive down to a Badminton club. Afterwards, I do a bit of running to get energized for the busy day that lies ahead. I do my long runs (10 – 21 Km) on weekends. Sports can be a strong de-stressor. It takes away all your negative thoughts and brings in a lot of vigour and positivity.

So my advice to all women would be, please take some time for yourself. Pursue any sport that you like. You don’t have to play at a competitive level, just involve yourself to stay energized and young.


Q – What do you think is missing in the current sports scenario for amateur women sports enthusiast like you?

Tournaments organized for women are very few. Even if they are, the awareness level is very low. The sporting events have to be publicised and made popular. Social Media can be used to create awareness about sporting events. The corporate/business houses can play an important role in developing a sporting culture at the workplace.


Q – Any suggestion to companies like Sportzify on how we can help this cause?

Most of the Running events are restricted to areas like Sarjapur, Whitefield & Hennur. That is not complete Bangalore. Residents of South Bangalore like me find it very difficult to take part in events. I request your team to explore opportunities for sporting events in Jayanagar, Banashankari or Mysore Road.  


Q – A message that you would like to convey to other Women through this platform to make sure they come onboard in the sports activity of their choice.

Women have the power to shape the future, they are the ones who groom the next generation. So if we want India to become a sporting country, women have to develop the interest in sports. It provides a platform for interaction & networking. So please stay healthy and fit by taking up the sports of your choice.

TLDR; 😛 We knew you exist! Here’s a short video of the same.

To check more details of Womenasia – CLICK HERE


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