Badminton Enthusiast Shilpa Krishnan’s take on Womenasia

We are continuously trying to bring every Sportoholic person to play their sports.

But Women seem to have lost the connect with Sports in the hustle bustle of life.

This time We have different plans for the Women of our Society. We are coming up with an Exclusive Sports Fiesta for Women named Womenasia.

Womenasia has 5 Sports Tournaments for Women and a Christmas Run open to all.

From Bangalore’s Badminton circuit, we have Ms Shilpa Krishnan with us in Womenasia. She is one of the strong ladies who never hesitate to follow her Passion For Sports in spite of her IT job.

Let’s see what Badminton Enthusiast Ms Shilpa Krishnan has to say about WOMENASIA

Q – First of all tell us something about yourself. Anything interesting?

I’m enthusiastic about Badminton! It’s been a journey for two and a half years of practice and tourneys in between my busy life as a Software Developer.

Umm Interesting! I got selected to represent the Karnataka and Goa directorate in “Firing” from NCC called TSC( Thal Sainik Camp). It was 6 months of rigorous training in firing to represent in Delhi. It was a ‘wow’ experience of my life. I was a “junior under officer “and headed the complete battalion.

Also experienced a tough Army life which had many other adventurous things like ‘Map reading’- where you have to locate a destination in the map and travel using compass and degree measurements in an unknown place for kilometres, Parade and Campfire masti. Attended more than 15 camps which had a hectic and strict schedule for the day. Cherished memories always.


Q – Which sport do you play? Tell us about your sports or fitness journey.

Sports!!! It has been an inseparable part of me from the childhood. Whether it’s a Lemon and spoon race 😝 or a district-level Throw-ball Championship. I do play volleyball and discus throw. As I continued to learn to fire in my early college days, I had more passion over as days passed.

Whichever sport I play, it always makes me happier!

And here comes the Badminton! It was just a street game till I joined my organization. A big bow to Mindtree, the company which offered me with a great exposure to Badminton and encouraged us by conducting internal tournaments and providing the facility to practice at Chinnaswamy stadium every weekend. And the interest kick-off my passion towards badminton. I have started to take part in a corporate and open state tournaments which made me more addicted to badminton.

Fitness is being sporty! Any sports, the more you dedicate it keeps you fit! Every day my coach suggests little fitness workout before we get on to the game. By any chance, if I miss my practice in a day. I feel something is missing during the entire day! Practice keeps me active. My weekends are dedicated to practising.

Q – What’s your take on Womenasia – A complete Sports Fiesta exclusively for Women?

Wow! A sports fiesta exclusively for women!!!

I am very glad to know, Womenasia is a complete sports fiesta for women!! I see there only a few organizations support for encouraging women in sports.  Wonderful opportunity to take part in such a big event for all women players. There is hardly any tournament conducted for women. That too it’s exclusively for women sounds very interesting and motivating. Thank you for taking such an initiation which motivates other organizations and people around to conduct such events and more people to be a part of it.


Q – What is your best memory in your life related to any Sport?

My sparkling memories!

The best one is when I was chosen as the best performer in Firing at Dharwad Camp, which had a 1.1 cm measure of 5 ammunition (bullets) in the target! J .

The day I won my first Singles in the open badminton tournament, which gave me more confidence to take part in many other tournaments.


Q – How do you take out time to pursue your Passion For Sports? What would be your advice for the same to the other Women?

Passion towards sports is the best feeling one could experience.

Taking out time for sport in a day is very difficult, the passion and priority matters. Initially, I started to practice only on weekends, as I had to work for 9hrs on weekdays. I felt only weekends are not enough to improve my game, as it requires a lot of time dedicated to learning the basics. Gradually, I Joined coaching class which made me wake up 5:30 in the morning. It was very difficult as I was not used to it. “Badminton” pulled me. My early mornings are now dedicated to badminton practice.

Being a woman, there are lot many difficulties but consider to never give up your passion! Give a little time for yourself whenever possible, which helps a lot to keep the healthy mind and fit physic.


Q – What do you think is missing in the current sports scenario for amateur women sports enthusiast like you?

I think support, the belief and time spared for the sport. Support and belief are the base for anyone to pursue and continue their passion.

My family supports me in every step, my lovable dad who encourages me and at times he accompanies me to events! He is the one who encourages me with loads of smile as I come home with a bag of trophies!

Nothing yields result in a short span. Keep patience and continue. Requires a lot of time and dedication to achieve. Success will hit your way some day.


Q – Any suggestion to companies like Sportzify on how we can help this cause?

A Much appreciated initiative from Sportzify! 

Happy to hear such things happening around us. We look for many more such tournaments, it helps women to take part and to get back into their sporty life. Providing the platform to meet up like-minded people. Sportzify could also initiate activities in training which will help women to improve their sport.


Q – A message that you would like to convey to other Women through this platform to make sure they come onboard in the sports activity of their choice.

“I feel a part of our soul is unused if we do not play any sport, which has a lot of things to experience that cannot be expressed.”!

The Experience in taking part in such events are always memorable. Give some break to the routine life! Take part! Participate! Though you win or Lose never matters, give you best, you will surely enjoy the moment. Everything just requires a spark to start with, so never wait, unlock your passion. Just join and give a try.

All the best to all women athletes.


That was all from our Badminton Enthusiast Shilpa Krishnan.

For more details on Womenasia, CLICK HERE


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