Introducing Womenasia’s Badminton Brand Ambassador – Rashmi

Sportzify is driven by the motive to popularise sports at the grassroots level. The participation of Women in Sports has been limited as there are very few sports tournaments for them at the local level. We have felt the need of a platform for Women to pursue their Passion for Sports.

So, here we are with India’s First Exclusive Sports Fiesta for Women – WOMENASIA¬†powered by Sakra World Hospitals.

Over 3 weekends, we have planned 6 Sports & Running Activities in Womenasia for all those Women of Bangalore who still have that spark in them to prove themselves on the field.

This time we have Brand Ambassadors for each sport to represent the community of Sports Enthusiasts for that particular Sport.

We have a quite popular Badminton player of Bangalore’s Sports circuit, Rashmi Ganiger with us in Womenasia to lead the squad of Badminton players of Bangalore.

Let’s hear it from Rashmi, Badminton Brand Ambassador of Womenasia:

Q – First of all tell us something about yourself Rashmi. Anything interesting?

My name is Rashmi. Working in IT (no surprise there ūüėČ

I think I can call myself a fitness enthusiast and a passionate badminton player.

I just enjoy my daily routine of playing Badminton, working out, eating well and working. This may not seem something interesting but that’s the best way I conduct my life right now and I am enjoying it to the fullest.


Q – What is the significance of sports in your life? Tell us about your sports or fitness journey.

Sports has been a big part of my life. Ever since my school days, I was always interested in participating in one or the other sports events.

I used to give it a try in all kinds of games be it track and field (Discuss throw, shotput, short distances races, long jump etc) or team sports like Kho-kho, Volleyball, Basketball etc.  You name it, I would have played it.

But I wasn’t particularly very good in any one of them. The place where I graduated from didn’t have convenient facilities where girls could go and play freely. But I continued my participation in all sports even then. That’s where I played badminton and table tennis for the first time in competitive spirit.

When I moved to Bangalore, I always had a wish to run a marathon. I got interested in Running and thus I ran quite a few 10Ks for 2 years.

But it got a little boring for me and coincidently I became aware that our company provides a facility for us to play at Chinnaswamy Stadium¬†on weekends. That’s how my badminton journey started. From absolute beginner to a level where I can at least give tough competition to good players.

It has been a 3 to 4 years long journey where I was somehow able to keep playing and competing and losing and still coming back. And now there is no looking back at all. Badminton is the love of my life¬†ūüôā

As and when I improved my Badminton game, I realized that I need to get fitter and stronger and that pushed me to work on my fitness and now I am at my ideal weight with more strength than ever. It’s still an ongoing journey.


Q – Which sport do you play?

Badminton. I do play other sports now and then but nothing interests me more than Badminton. That’s my game now.


Q РWhat’s your take on Womenasia РA complete Sports Fiesta exclusively for Women?

I think its great that Sportzify is organizing Womenasia, such a big event exclusively for women. There are a lot of tournaments that happen only for men or have just one category for women. That takes away an opportunity for us to compete and work on the game. It feels great to have something exclusively for us women.

It would also encourage a lot of women out there who might have any inhibitions about playing in a mixed environment and maybe they will continue from there.

Looking forward to WOMENASIA with great enthusiasm.


Q – What is your best memory in your life related to any Sport?

There are quite a few milestones that I am proud of in my Badminton journey. First time when I defeated a player against whom I had lost previously on many occasions felt great. It solidified the fact that I was improving my game and all the hard work that I was putting was paying off.

Another incident where I played a player against whom I thought I can never win, but with some encouragement from my friends and mental resolve, I won that match, and that was a big mental hurdle that I crossed. After that, I started believing in myself more. I now understand that if I play to the best of my ability I can beat good players.

But the best moment will have to be the first time I won my singles winner trophy. It was a great moment for me personally.


Q – How do you take out time to pursue your Passion For Sports? What would be your advice for the same to the other Women?

I believe if you are really passionate or at least enjoy playing something then you won’t have to make time for it. You will somehow do it no matter what. That is how it is with me. But I understand it’s not that easy too.

Since being fit and playing badminton is my priority, I have chosen a workplace where I have the flexibility of timing. Also, early morning an hour and weekends are good enough to start off with.


Q – What do you think is missing in the current sports scenario for amateur women sports enthusiast like you?

From what I have seen, we have come a long way in terms of opportunities for amateurs like us. Earlier there were never so many tournaments happening where regular players who play as a hobby or passion could participate.

So that has been great. For women in particular, as I mentioned a¬†lot of organizations don’t conduct a¬†lot of women categories due to various reasons. So that’s one thing I think we can work on.


Q – Any suggestion to companies like Sportzify on how we can help this cause?

Well, I understand that companies like Sportzify have to see the feasibility of conducting an event too. And women categories receive fewer entries which might make it hard to include it.

But I think a Big Sports Carnival like Womenasia would create more awareness about such tournaments and would attract more women to participate.


Q – A message that you would like to convey to other Women through this platform to make sure they come onboard in the sports activity of their choice.

I would like every woman out there to play some sport of their choice. Something they enjoy. One can learn so much from playing a sport regularly. Sports is the best and fun way to stay fit. It gives you a mental break from routine. Teaches you how to not get bogged down by losses and keep trying to do better next time. At least that’s what I have learnt and hope everyone does so too.


That was all from Womenasia’s Badminton Ambassador Rashmi Ganiger.

It’s time for you to join this movement, come out and play your sport.

For more details on Womenasia, check out¬†All about India’s First Women Sports Fiesta



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