‘Naveen’ – A Fitness Observer And A Follower

Meet Our Next young Fitness Story Teller ‘Naveen’ – A fitness observer And A follower

“Stop wishing. Start doing”

Naveen a 25 year old guy born and bought up in Bangalore. The fascination of having a fit body and the desire to look good has kept him close to workouts & fitness since his college days.

Seeing all the fit men and women inspired him to aim for the same level of well being. Like all other kids Naveen was an active participant in sports during school and college days. He has been playing cricket as a child and still continuous to play whenever he gets a chance. He is inspired by his father who used to play football during his young age and also his friends who are active in various sports and fitness activities.

He started as trainee in a gym and gradually availed various certificates and professional training. He is now working a fitness trainer in one of the renowned gym in India since 3 years.

5 to 6 eggs and whole wheat bread and sweet potato make up his breakfast, he believes in having a simple diet on regular intervals.  He also mentioned that apart from giving time to his gym he runs, performs lunges and practises a fancy workout called street workout.

When we enquired about his diet, he modestly said that he had a high metabolism. The next moment, he mentioned that if one consumes high calories during a meal the next two should be low in calories.

Asked for his observation on the gym tribe, Naveen said “the IT crowd usually workout for an hour every weekday and then undo it on the weekend”. Keep this in mind next time you unscrew the cork. His suggestion to all is to maintain balance and sincerity with your workout.

When asked about his goals and future aspirations he said “I am planning to go abroad and learn new training and fitness techniques. post which I want to implement these techniques in India to motivate more and more people to join the fitness regime.”  

He follows a very simple fitness mantra which is “Eat healthy and live healthy”

Contact him at – Naku143@gmail.com

Facebook – Naveen_kumar_naku

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