Go Power Nutrition Speaks About Clash Of Titan

Go Power Nutrition, a healthy & nutritious snacks bar brand, is all set to join Sportzify for Clash Of Titan as our Nutrition Partner.

Go Power Nutrition has devised a new approach to address the protein deficiency for children. Using locally sourced ingredients they create a nutritious snack called Happy Bar. The bar is a balance of sweetness, local flavouring, and seed based protein sources that appeal to children’s tastes for a fun healthy snack.

For all our Sports Enthusiasts, Go Power Nutrition is bringing Healthy Snacks Bars to munch upon after an exhausting match.


Read on to know what’s in for you to look forward to Clash Of Titan in Go Power Nutrition’s words:


Q – First and foremost What’s your take on the concept of ‘Clash Of Titan’ – StartUp Vs Corporate?

Nice idea, to bring sports into the work environment, and could be used by the company to build team spirit within their organisation


Q – Do you think it is fair to make Startups which has comparatively less number of employees compete against a full fledged army of Corporates?

I suppose if you look at it in terms of numbers it may not be fair but in terms of spirit, I don’t think there should be any trouble. In-fact I think it would be easier and better to mobilise people in a Start-up than in a Corporate. I also think it would be fair to allow each company to enrol and participate only in the game of their choice and not for the entire package and I suppose that is what Sportzify follows.


Q – Before we move forward with this interview, Can you help us understand What is Go Power Nutrition? We understand your brand is pretty well known in the market but it will be great to explain some of our readers who haven’t heard about your team.

Go Power Nutrition Pvt Ltd is a registered company that believes in producing quality nutrition bars that are 100% vegetarian and totally natural, with only ingredients that are necessary for our body and not harmful, with no artificial flavour, colour, preservatives, binding agents etc. On the other hand, our bars contain 6gm (Happy Bar) 12gm (Go Power Bar) of protein, Iron Calcium and other essential vitamins and minerals all from natural sources.

To add to this we are what is termed as a social enterprise, for every bar we sell the company has made a commitment to give away a bar to a child in dire need of nutrition. At present, we are giving away 2000 Happy Bars every week to children who are HIV +ve and to children from leprosy backgrounds, and we have been doing so since 2014. So every bar you consume you not only ensure nutrition for your- self but also for someone else in need of it.


Q –  Let’s divert our attention to the Clash of Titan happening in the month of September. Can you tell our Sports & Fitness enthusiasts what can they expect from Go Power Nutrition during the event? We heard that there will be Nutrition bars for everyone at the venue.

Go Power Nutrition would have free samples available for the participants and the spectators to taste and we would encourage them to buy the bars, to support our social cause.


Q – At Sportzify, we say that our passion for sports and the zeal to make glamorous sports entities for the masses and not the classes make us different from anyone else. What’s that X-Factor with Go Power Nutrition that people can notice that difference at one go?

Go Power is “Born from the heart, crafted in the kitchen and sold with a mission” and this can be tasted in each of our bars- we have taken the pains to ensure that you get the authentic taste of your grand- mother’s kitchen in each bar.


Q – Let’s dig deep into the event now. Who’s your pick for the event – StartUps Or Corporates? And Why?

StartUps of course, since we are one too! 😀


Q – One message that you would like to convey to all the sports & fitness enthusiast of Bangalore?

Work Hard, Play Hard, Eat Healthful, Live Fit!


Here’s a quick glimpse of the Clash Of Titan – Sports War

To know more about Clash Of Titan – Click Here


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