Rugby and Cricket : A Comparison

In the battle to be called the world’s second-biggest sport between Rugby and Cricket there is one clear winner.


Rugby is a major sport in some of the most economical developed countries like All four home nations of United Kindom (England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland) in souther hemisphere countries like Australia, New Zealand and South africa also boost huge popularity in Rugby.


Professional Leagues:

France has the best Rugby league in the world and most of highest paid rugby players play for French clubs. While the game is growing fast in countries like Japan, Italy, Argentina, pacific countries and even in United States. The best way to measure Rugby popularity is through recently concluded Ruby world numbers.

Second most lucrative Sports World Cup

2015 Rugby World Cup was the biggest Rugby event in history which took place in England and Wales. It generated in access of £250 million in revenue which was alot more than what was expected.

Second most watched & Attended competition:

Rugby world cup 2015 was the most attended sports event behind FIFA World cup 2014. Over 2.47 million tickets were sold with around half a million (480,000) fans traveling from oversees (24 countries).
120 million tune in to watch New Zealand beat South Africa in the final of 2015 world cup. While 1 fifth of Japan population tune in to watch Japan vs Samoa. Which was significant as Rugby is a growing sport in Japan.

Highest ever TV ratings in UK:

ITV’s coverage of opening ceremony and opening England match was watched by 8.7 million UK viewers on average making it the most watched sports event in UK.

Healthy Social media presence:

#rwc2015 was used once every two seconds on twitter during the 2015 world cup which goes to show the global reach of the game.



Estimated 2 billion+ followers makes cricket one of the most popular sport mainly in commomwealth countries like England, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, Carribeans and South Africa.

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This is where the eyebrows get raised. A large chunk of human population remains oblivious to the existence of this sport yet it has the second highest fan following among all the sports in the world. Cricket owes its popularity to the Indian Sub-continent, Australia and England. Originated in England, the game quickly became popular in all the swaths of lands that were once colonized by the Great Britain. In the middle of 20th Century, Britain left almost all its colonies but one thing which never left was cricket.


In India and Pakistan, together which constitute a 5th of world’s population, cricket is a religion. It is a source of patriotism, an excuse for defusing tensions between arch rivals and synonym of competition. T20 is cricket’s latest format which is creating waves in other countries as well and now more and more countries are taking up this sport at professional level.

Third most watched competition:

become the third most watched sports competition in the world behind FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup. While new format Twenty20 has enabled domestic leagues in several countries with expensive team franchises are being sold which shows the future of cricket.

T20 professional league:

Almost all top cricketing nations has established lucrative domestic T20 leagues where players from foreign countries also take part. Indian premier League is the biggest domestic t20 league where along with local indian players, foreign players from 16 countries take part.

All Star Cricket In USA:

Back in november 2015 three shorter format exhibition games were held in USA in three different venues including New York, Houston and Los Angeles. The receptions was pretty good with Americans turning out in big numbers.

Cricket is a dominating sport: 

In many countries specially from indian-sub continent. Pakistan, Indian, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh while England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are other big cricketing nations with cricket as second favorite sport. Cricket is also very popular in Caribbeans with international team callled West Indies is comprised of players from different countries across Caribbeans.

Women Cricket:

Women cricket is growing fast in most cricket loving countries. ICC (International cricket council) has increased the tv coverage and prize money women competitions and women are now paid 50% more than they did 5 years ago.


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