CredR’s Viewpoint on Clash Of Titan – Sports War

CredR, the most trusted brand for used two-wheelers in India is onboard with us as the Riding Partner for the Biggest Sports War CLASH OF TITAN 2018 Startup Vs Corporates. All the Working Professionals of Bangalore have got an opportunity to showcase their Sports skills to help their clan lift the Ultimate Championship Title of Startup […]

Corporate Sports Event Solution by Sportzify

It has been almost an year for us in operations and we have received many queries about corporate sports event from various companies. There is something very interesting that we have noticed. We have observed corporates struggling to find the right people or companies to take care of their complete end to end requirements. The […]

Swimming and fitness – They go hand in hand

Most of the popular sports, be it Football, Cricket, Hockey, Basketball or Tennis are essentially practiced within the confines of fields, pitches or courts. The scope of body movement is limited by the rigidity of surface and obvious gravitational forces. What if there was a sporting avenue wherein such earthly limitations could be surpassed? Say […]