Sportzify Presents – My Sports Club Story

We have been talking a lot about bringing up Sports Club Stories. At Sportzify, we believe that everything in this world has a story behind it.It may be our personal life stories or even a story of non-living thing. We have certain emotions and memories attached to it. We believe even a sports club has a story behind their success or failure.The sports enthusiasts who come over to play,compete with each other and sometimes fight over silly points. The clubs have seen unknown people turning into friends,small children growing into national and international superstars.
Even big players like Saina Nehwal owe their success to the sports clubs she had in Hyderabad in her initial days.There are always few question in some people’s head who come to play regularly at any sports club. Some discuss about how much profits the owners would be making and some discuss about the how much it would take to build a sports club.
We have heard few friends talking like this:
Friend 1: Bhai kya mast kamata hoga na owner.
Friend 2: Kyun na humlog bhi ek sports club kholen ?
Friend 3: Kitna budget lagega? Kumse kum 1 crore to lag hi jaega.
Friend 1: Chalo yaaron, game khatam karke ghar chalte hain. Cook aane wala hai.
So, without wasting anytime let me tell you how will this interesting section of our blog work. In the first section of the story we will be introducing nearby sports clubs.We will featuring the facility details, special attractions and the booking system and many other things. In the next article we will be going deep inside the thought process that is running this club and hear what the club owners and incharge have to say about it.We will come to know about the history of the club.What exactly took them to build this and how did they made sure that people like you and me can visit their club. The final article will comprise the most important thing – your views. What you think about the sports club and how they can improve.

So, lets kick start this My Sports Club Story section and be ready know details about the club you have been playing for so long.



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