Running calander – June (A month dedicated sports & fitness)

Okay, so here we are. Before we go into the running calendar, let’s talk about how things are now.

The temperature is rising day by day and all of us are just tired of this. But, you know there is a big difference between normal people and you running champs. You have been travelling to different parts in Bangalore to participate in some of the great running events. You have never said i quit. You make sure that you don’t miss out on your running schedule.

We respect your dedication. Hats off people. 

Thus, we have come with a very small solution. We try our best to make sure that you still participate in all the running events near your place. We bring you the month of June dedicated to your health and fitness. A running event on all the weekend of June. Different location, different style but single moto – StayFitHaveFun.

Running calendar in June, every weekend:

5th June | Sunday | Decathlon Anubhava | T-shirts,bibs,finisher medal and certificates for all.

A running event dedicated to your family. Don’t run alone people. Bring your family members along with you. An event dedicated to you and your child. Both of you run together and win together.


running calendar - bubble dash run

5th June | Sunday | 3PM | Bhartiya City, Hebbal | 3K, 5K and 10K

First time in India, Fitiam group brings to you an event of unique style. Come and participate in this new style of running event where the motive is not only running and fitness. It’s bigger vision is bring running with a flavour of fun.


running calendar - 5k summer fun run

12th June | Sunday | Decathlon OMR |

Beat the heat this June by running in this event full of fun and entertainment. Play with water guns while running. Having fun while doing anything is the most important thing.


running calendar - 3rd sunday women's run

19th June | Sunday | Decathlon Sarjapur | 3K, 5K and 10K

This run is really special. We started this run with a group of just 8 runners.Now, this event has more than 300 runners. Just as the name tells this running event takes place in every 3rd Sunday of every month. A run which is full of some of the amazing self motivated runners.


  • GoGreen Run 2016 

running calendar june

26th June | Sunday | Decathlon Sarjapur | 3K, 5K , 10K and Relay 8K (Men’s,Women and mixed)

So,after a successful run in 2015, go green run is back again with more excitement and different categories. Biggest event of the June month. End your month with this fun and highly competitive running event.


Common runners!! don’t be laid back and do not wait for the last date to register. Click on the register now button and participate in the above running event. This running calendar is not to see buddy, please register.

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