Budhia Singh – India’s Marathon Boy

If you are runner or someone who participates in marathon events regularly then this thought must have come in your mind many times. In a nation with such a huge population Why isn’t India able to produce some of the great marathon runners or even great world class athletes? 

We understand all the reasons about infrastructure, lack of coaches, politics but still somehow this feeling of not producing world class runners just can’t be justified.

But, here is a 13 year old boy from Odisha who is gifted with some great skills and potential. His name is Budhia Singh – Youngest Marathon runner in the world. He is not alone in his quest to represent India in the Olympics . His coach Biranchi Das was behind him and tried his best in making sure that India’s long lasted dreams can be fulfilled.

If you are a runner yourself or even if you love the fact that someone is trying his level best to bring India on to the world marathon map then you will surely love this Trailer of his upcoming movie. Brilliant acting by Manoj Vajpayee

Check out his documentary. This is really inspirational stuff. Don’t Miss it !! 


Want to be like Budhia Singh or atleast want to be a part of marathons. Click here to participate in the upcoming marathons. 


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