Slummin’ it, American Style – ‘Adwait Samant’

Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee” is the write line we will say about our next story teller – ‘Adwait Samant’

Adwait Samant is living the American dream. He has a well paying job, a loving wife, a beautiful, young daughter and lives in one of the greatest countries today. He moved to the U.S of A as a twenty seven year and soon got used to the very generous portions of food served in the country. He was gulping down Cola like it was elixir and since he was a non smoker and didn’t drink; health was the last thing on his mind.

Adwait Samant

A worried wife’s pestering made no difference and Adwait had steadily put on seventy unwelcome pounds. His pregnant wife’s ultrasound in the October of 2004 opened his eyes to the meaning of health and long life. He was going to be a father and he intended to stick around for his daughter for a long time to come.

Adwait went on the “South Beach Fat Flush” diet, where you maintain an arms length from carbs. After 3 weeks he had lost twenty pounds. However as soon as he returned to his normal diet, he put back on at least half of the weight of what he had shed.

Having never run a single mile, Adwait surprised himself when he chose running as a way to lose weight. He maintained a regular log of his running from 2005. By the time the baby arrived in June 2005, he had lost seventy pounds due to his exercise plan and a strict diet. He continued running regularly in a gym till 2011. He was, however, dissatisfied with the fact that he could never run more than six miles in a day.

Adwait Samant

It was then that Adwait Samant was introduced to the “San Jose Fit” – a training program that helps new runners train to compete in Half Marathons and Marathons. The same year he also got into trail running and in another six months had run his first Ultra Marathon. He himself joined San Jose Fit as a coach to give back to the community.

Today he regularly runs four times a week and has switched from a hard core meat eater to a vegetarian, three times a week. He advises new runners to cherish their success at every mile and to run a minute slower than your pace per mile and you will go a long way.

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