Supermom and Her Super Gyaan – ‘Shweta Maurya’

“Everyone you meet has something to teach you.” It’s time for our fitness superstar to tell about her journey and routine. We present to all our readers, a supermom and a super athlete – ‘Shweta Maurya’ 

Shweta Maurya is a Delhiwalli with two kids. A simple description of a simple woman. However Maurya is anything but common. A fitness fanatic who joined the gym after the birth of her second child, Shweta swears by the active lifestyle. She says – “I run 5k atleast every single day.If i don’t do it then my day is not complete”.

shweta maurya

Her shoulders not only bear two kids but also weights. Yes, we mean actual weight lifting. She at once dismisses the myth that women become bulky by weight lifting. The truth is women don’t have the hormones to gain muscle mass like a man. She one of the many women in Bangalore whom we have seen in almost all the runs and marathons across the city.

Push ups, Squats, Burpees, Plank, Lunges… all these figure in her workout plan. She works out in the AFA gym other than also actively taking part in Table Tennis.  Two years of the active life has taught her many things. She observed that most people these days are turning to the gym to beat their own limits and revel in their new found strength.

She believes that still in India there needs to be a lot more motivation that needs to come up for girls and married women. She says there is a lot of chance of improvement and things are being done. But as she says still long way to go.

While she agrees that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, Shweta strongly recommends positive life style changes in lieu of dieting.

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5 thoughts on “Supermom and Her Super Gyaan – ‘Shweta Maurya’

  1. Shweta your story is a great inspiration and motivation and you carry the positive aura around you. Unbelievable achievement…Awesome

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