Ideal, not Idle – Introducing our gym freak ‘Rahul Verma’

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Rahul Verma 

Rahul Verma is 29. He doesn’t suffer from any chronic illness. He is as reasonably healthy as one can expect a city dweller to be.  However he is taking precaution before pain and hits the gym regularly.

An active sportsperson since childhood,Mr Verma has played all the games there are. He tells us he used to be pretty inconsistent in the past with his fitness plan. Now he go gymming 5 days a week, without fail and the results are obvious. Rahul says he enjoys the confidence that arises when one posses a well toned body. He also appreciates the fact that being physically active has made him mentally alert as well.

Running, cricket, swimming are the methods he prefers for an active lifestyle. He has always been into Cricket, Soccer and Swimming. Since 2015, he has also been active in the marathon circuit and tries to participate in as many marathons as he can. Rahul believes in having a perfect start to his day with a healthy breakfast.

Mr Verma thinks the country is undergoing a fitness revolution of sorts. He says he has seen kids as young as 6 running along with their parents in marathons. Seeing such inspiring people around himself has acted as a major driving force in his fitness motivation.

All work and No play is bad for both Jack and Rahul, hence the weekends are exclusively devoted to some R&R. He also avoids aerated drinks and fatty foods like one would an overly attached girlfriend. Sounding every bit the idealist, Rahul says “Know your limits and then defy them”.

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