The Late (but not too late) to exercise – Vrishali Khandge

Meet ‘Vrishali Khandge’ The Late (but not too late) to exercise 

Vrishali Khandge is a 34 year old who realized the importance of fitness before it was too late and she has never let go of it since. After college she started working with practically no physical activity and exercise with desk job. Life was just getting dull, she was feeling old, unmotivated, tired. She put on weight, which she thought she never will as child.

Working out has impacted her life hugely. She tells us how, “I, as a child always admired sports or people who are energetic and fit. I found myself low on stamina, laid back and weak. However I never understood the real meaning or never knew I could actually adopt that too and can be better than what I was. I started exercising regularly in 2007. It has been 8 years since I am regularly engaged in some or other form of exercising. From a lazy, laid back weak person I am today a strong, active, confident and more energetic than I was 8 years ago.”

She has access to a gym at work and makes complete use of it. She plays Table tennis, lawn tennis in the society on weekends. Some times on weekdays too. She tries to work out at least 4 times in a week. Sometimes she takes the stairs up and down if she has not done any physical activity. When she is on vacation she uses dancing as a technique. She avoids outside fried stuff, also rice, potatoes etc. She has home cooked food and restrict outside food for weekends.

Being fit has made Vrishali a confident woman. She says, “Normally I tend to inspire people. But with age and the entire fad around weight loss people do try to be fit and adopt dieting as an easier way of weight loss. Also, when people realize if there are little things you adopt in your regular life could actually benefit you, people are willing to do that. Like avoiding fired stuff and restricting it to weekends. Taking stairs instead of elevators, cutting down portions of food we eat, avoid excess sugar, switching to home food. Some of these things are easily doable and who doesn’t want to be fit and slim.”

Vrishali’s motivation of being fit has been good health: keeps you active, high morale and look good.


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