Forty is the new Twenty – ‘Kamal Deep Dham’

“Sometimes late becomes never” is the perfect which goes with our next fitness story teller- Mr Kamal Deep Dham. 

Kamal Deep Dham at 39 was acutely over weight, suffered from BP and hypertension and was hit by a vertigo attack. He is 42 now, runs as a part of his fitness plan and his diet will astonish even celeb food experts.

Totally consumed by his job, Dham had let his health go for a toss. Severe health problems, was what it took for his body to attract his attention.  Though he did play sports during school, all that was bid adieu to as soon he started to earn. Today he is an active member of MFP and also has a personal trainer. He follows a fitness regime that becomes more strenuous as the weekend approaches.


He declares his favourite workout is running. The workout usually occurs on the by lanes of Bangalore. He has already run a whopping six half marathons and now wants to attempt the more difficult version within a year.

Other than running he also does strength and weight training. Dham says that to get the best out of your fitness regimen, you must alternate it every quarter. He keeps his diet protein rich and bases his food intake upon his body’s needs. Our star Kamal Deep Dham doesn’t only run alone. He is a complete family man where he makes sure that he runs along with his whole family. His wife and children believe in what Kamal has taught them about fitness.

kamal deep dham

Kamal has been one of regular participants in the marathons/runs that we organize in Decathlon Sarjapur. Our Bangalore’s cool dad never disappoints us by coming alone and manages to pull other members of his family and friends early morning. Kamal has made many friends during these events and is no doubt a recognized face in these runs.

kamal deep dham

He credits his family’s support as the main motivation in his journey back to health.  Sylvester Stallone and Milind Soman have been the men he has modelled his fitness goals upon. Wisdom comes with age and it reflects in Dham’s ideology when he signs off with “listen to your body, it’ll tell you everything you need to know”. Kamal’s fitness mantra is very simple where he believes in never giving up on his hopes. His advice to everyone

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