It is all fun and games for our next “fit lady – Gauri Jayaram”

It is all fun and games for our next “fit lady – Gauri Jayaram “

Gauri Jayaram is fit and fabulous. Being fit is not only a lifestyle option for her, it is also her bread and butter. After two decades in the travel industry, Gauri Jayaram realized the opportunity that lay in sports tourism. Today she runs “Active Holiday Company”, a venture inspired by the same idea.

As a child, she actively took part in football, skating, cycling, swimming, squash and tennis. Today she prefers the outdoors to go cycling and running. She says it also a chance for her to belt out a few tunes which usually are unappreciated. Her diet is unencumbered by all the fads that are floating around. She eats it all – egg yolks to buttered bread. Her daily transport till 3 months ago was a bicycle. Right now though, she is recovering from a bike hall that left her with a muscle tear.

When asked about her role model, Gauri said something so beautiful that we are reporting it verbatim – “I find the spirit of the common man inspiring. I think the elderly gentleman next door who tries to walk using his walker is as much a hero as Milind Soman who completed Ironman at 50. They both TRY equally hard.”

Wording every woman’s fear, she said that her motivation for following a fitness regime, are the clothes she can’t fit into when she stops working out. She was of the opinion that as a nation, Indians are waking up to the concept of fitness a bit late but then it is better than never.

Her fitness mantra will put common sense to shame – “Burn what you eat”

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