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At Sportzify we believe that every person has a story to tell and when it is related to fitness and sports we don’t want to miss it. In past 9 months of operations we have met some of the best fitness and sports enthusiasts. These people are not any celebrity.They are common men and women or even kids who are very serious about their sports and their fitness. And almost all of them had a story to tell,their very own ‘fitness story’.

We gave some of them a platform to tell about their journey of fitness or the sports they played. The response that we got was really overwhelming.We believe that your story might inspire someone reading at any place. Its that feeling of satisfaction you get when you are able to impact someone’s life.

Its a platform for the people who are into running,gym instructors,zumba dancers and for any common people who are into any sport.Check out few of the already published fitness stories here

How it works:

We share a questionnaire with you. It has questions related to fitness or sports.It has some questions related to how you started your fitness or sports journey.We understand that some people might not be able to write a story about themselves.No worries, we have our content team at your rescue. You just have to fill in the answers and we will frame your journey.

Download the fitness story or sports story questionnaire and fill it.Once you have completed answering it send it to us Don’t forget to attach your full size image with it. It will be great if you can share image of your workout,morning walk,running etc. 

Questionnaire download link:

It will be a platform for anyone who wants to share the experience about healthy living. It’s time we give back something to you.We won’t make you any celebrity but atleast we will try our best to spread your fitness story to people who are willing to read it. 


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