The So – Fit Professional – Deepak Das

Meet The So – Fit Professional – Deepak Das

Deepak Das has been living in Bangalore for a while now and his story reads like that of any IT professional here. But he has chosen not to be like any other who make work as their only priority and ignore their lifestyle and fitness.

“It all started 7 years back when I gained excess weight due to bad lifestyle, long work hours and not so great diet. My firm had a gym and I would pass by it every day but never enter it. One day I decided to speak to the trainer and finally made up my mind about working out, It was so rewarding to lose a few extra pounds in just 30 days and I started observing changes in my body, since that day I have never looked back and I enjoy an active life”, he says.

As a kid though he had been involved in sports, played a lot of cricket during school days and appreciated the value of being fit. Being fit and active is way of life for him.

We asked him what the best sporting moment in his life was, “There are many of them, but the most recent one was the ‘Bengaluru 10 K Challenge – the toughest 10K’ organized by the Bengaluru Marathon team, I was perhaps at the peak of my running stint and managed to complete this gruelling route in good time”.

His inspiration is everywhere around him. “I have many role models and the biggest inspiration has been this city and its people. I have been working out mostly in the gym & saw many folks in the gym that would come and spend an hour running on the treadmill. It made me curious about running and I started talking to runners which got me interested”.

His advice to the readers is the stuff that wisdom is made of. “Keep it simple, go outdoors and be active. If you are looking for motivation look around you will find one for sure. If you dedicate 45 minutes of your day to your body it will give back 5 years of your life”.

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