The Wandering Athlete – ‘Divyanshu Singhal’

Divyanshu Singhal is all of five and twenty and has already made seven cities his home. A chubby boarder at St. George’s College, Mussorie, he first realized the perks of being fit when all the other boys outshone him on the sports field.

Being a football enthusiast ensured that he got his share of running around while growing up. When he started working, the lack of options for football got him hooked to running. What started off as 5-6 Kms everyday slowly turned to 10 and before he knew it he had run 3 half marathons. Currently he is preparing for a full marathon at SCMM.

Reminiscing about his school days, Divyanshu says that school had three different seasons during which they played three different sports. In the first it was Hockey or Cricket, the second season brought with it Football and the last one was for Athletics. He excelled in Hockey and Football. It was also then that he developed a fondness for long distance running.

Scott Jurek is currently on his bookshelf and Divyanshu cites him as his inspiration. He says that Jurek trains smartly and listens to his body, a precaution that most people neglect in their quest for perfect bodies. You’ll see him working out on the streets of Bangalore and mostly in Cubbon Park. He says that it is the closest he has got to running with nature. An opinion most Bangloreans would agree with.

Divyanshu runs thrice a week and on the other days hits the gym to focus on core and leg strengthening. He does not follow any special diet. He avoids fried food and sugar but admitted that there are cheat days. He firmly believes that age is just a number and being hale and hearty validates that age old saying. Personally, a fit lifestyle has also proved to be stress buster for him. Divyanshu says that he is worried that today’s hectic lifestyle will take a toll on him and leaving him looking 60 when he is 50. That is his motivation.

He signs off with “Eat right and train hard. There is joy beyond the pain of going out and getting fit.”


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