Namma Bengaluru’s Road Runner – ‘Balaji Gupta’

“The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.” This line describes our next fitness superstar. Our very own Bangalore’s road runner – ‘Balaji Gupta’

Balaji Gupta’s story seems like every Indian man’s tale. He grew up playing only cricket, Sachin Tendulkar is his idol and he became unfit as reached his late twenties. Unlike other Indian men, however, Gupta turned to running to attain fitness nirvana.

He realized that weight is easy to gain and tough to shed and from 2009 he has been running marathons to make sure that the pounds don’t find themselves a permanent home in his body. He astonished us when he confessed that he ran three kilometres every single day. On weekends the distance increase by seven kilometres.

Balaji Gupta

Balaji Gupta has made many friends on the way. He confesses that sometimes these people are more driven and enthusiastic about running than he is. A social and personal connect formed with such people is what Gupta treasures the most.

Displaying a keen sense of observation, Gupta says that most people are fitness oriented these days; one, as relaxation from the daily grind and the other as to overcome the work pressure.

He revealed that the running has not only made him physically fit but also endows him with a sense of achievement and purpose. Balaji Gupta recommends the stretch from Horamavu to Avalahalli as the best place in Bangalore to run. Other than that he admitted he eats whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Of course, he can. He runs away from all those calories.

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