A Free Spirit Runner – ‘Mahesh Tiwari’

Meet ‘Mahesh Tiwari’ A Free Spirit Runner Who Decided Not to Fall Into The Parent Trap

Meet Mahesh Tiwari a runner from Delhi. He started running since October 2015 and had planned to participate in ADHM 15, which would have been his first marathon. Many of his experienced running buddies were pushing him to participate.

However November came and so did a baby boy. Mahesh quit the marathon plan without a second thought. Take note from this point on, people.

Feeling rather guilty about the dismissed marathon, towards the end of the year he made a resolution to do something that would prove his dedication as a runner in his running circle.  January 2016 he began searching for various running programs happening around Delhi NCR. By the month of February, he had completed three marathons:

1) Rajdhani Half Marathon @ CBD ground, Shahdara on 7th February 16 completed in 2:00:34 hrs
2) Running & Living Fastest Survive @ F1 Track, BudhaInt.l Circuit on 14th February 16 completed in 2:05:10
3) New Delhi Marathon 2016 @ JLN Stadium on 28th February, completed in 1:59:32 hrs
4) Amity Gurgaon half Marathon. With this, he have clocked in SIX Marathons this year.

Tiwari keeps fitness and running as his top priority, he is not a man to rest on his laurels. He had a plan to complete 4 marathons in a single month but Amity Half Marathon, which was to be held at Gurgaon, Leisure Valley on 21st Feb was postponed. This, however, gave him more time to spend with his cherub.

Tiwari confesses to still feeling on the top as he managed to do what he really wanted to do, that is run. About his running experience he says, “This experience has been a boost to my confidence and my outlook towards running and now I am a completely changed MAN”.

His advice to readers? “Keep running and push yourself to the limit”.

Reach him at: Mahesh Tiwari, 8860747505

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mahesh.tiwari.98871

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