FIT & FAD: Look good & feel good with your workout clothes

Look at your wardrobe. You have great clothes for everything from a party to next year’s Comic Con to Goth meeting at AA (and you don’t even drink). Now look at that laundry bag which is where all your workout clothes go (washed and unwashed). All made up of clothes that you’ve played Holi in or outgrown or that shirt your dad bought which you never liked.

Don’t do this, sunshine. The trip to the gym should always occur in appropriate clothing to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, facilitate greater movement and to protect the eyes of innocent by-lifters. Here’s how you should pick your workout clothes:


workout clothes
The first and foremost rule of gym wear is COMFORT. Avoid any rough fabrics that could chafe or irritate your skin during repetitive movement. Choose materials that let you move and don’t constrict you. Pay closer attention to fit than size, as some workout clothes tend to be smaller and more form fitting than regular clothes. Look for items that have a small percentage of spandex listed on the label. This allows for a greater range of motion during exercise and can provide a very comfortable fit without being skin-tight.


workout clothes

Your best bet for looking stylish when choosing good workout clothes is to pick one or two color schemes and stick with it! Dark colors always look the most sophisticated for workout clothes. Another advantage of dark colors is that they keep you looking thin and slender. And black especially is always sexy!


workout clothes

Your workout wardrobe should be versatile, carrying you from the hottest months to the coldest months (if you’ll be exercising outdoors). To avoid overspending during the changes of the seasons, keep this in mind when shopping, looking for items that can easily layer during cold months. Start with a moisture-wicking dry layer, such as a wicking T-shirt or tank top, then add a warmer layer such as a fleece pullover. Finish with a protective outer layer (for waterproofing and wind proofing) such as a windbreaker or a nylon shell.


workout clothes

Don’t forget, when choosing workout clothes that fabric matters! You do want clothes that fit you nicely and snugly, but nothing TOO tight or snug! You don’t want to hamper your movement or be uncomfortable. And make sure the fabric your workout clothes are made of is breathable. If you trap sweat against your skin, you increase chances of breakouts, sweaty smells and sweat stains on your clothes. The best fabrics to choose for workout clothes are cotton, spandex or elastic types. You will be much more comfortable in something that allows you to move around!


workout clothes

Gym doesn’t have to boring. Cute water bottles, a nice gym bag, colorful IPod covers and ear buds, a nice stopwatch, or whatever other little things you fancy can all be a part of your ensemble. You can wear colours of your favourite sports teams. Look online for the range of gym wear they sell.

The best part of this overhaul? You get to go shopping for some more workout clothes.


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