Badminton Enthusiast Megha on Womenasia Sports Fiesta

We, at Sportzify, believe Sports isn’t just for the professionals but for everyone.

Every sports enthusiast is special for us.

In December, we are celebrating the Women in Sports to encourage Women for adopting Sports in their Lifestyle. Bangalore’s Women Sports Enthusiasts have a chance to participate in the first Exclusive Women’s Sports Fiesta of the country – Womenasia powered by Sakra World Hospitals.

Here we have a Badminton Enthusiast Megha Rawat with us for Womenasia to share her views on why Sports is for everyone!

Let’s see what our Badminton Enthusiast Megha feels about Womenasia:

Q – First of all Megha tell us something about yourself.

Ummm… well, I am a person who is bitten by the Travel Bug, I like visiting and exploring new places because Life is Short and the world is wide 😉

I love to go for trekking and do adventure sports, recently did Bunjee Jumping in Rishikesh and trust me it’s a lifetime worth experience. I am a creative person, you will never see the walls of my room empty. They always have some or the other paintings or art hung on them.


Q – What is the significance of sports in your life? Tell us about your sports or fitness journey.

Sports has made me what I am today… A Confident Person!

My problem-solving skills increase, whenever you face any obstacle in whichever stream of life, you patiently analyze the situation and prepare the further course of action just the way you prepare a game strategy. It teaches Time Management – how to cope between extensive sport practice sessions and equally focus on performing well in academics!

Now I know how to handle pressure and still perform well! It has taught me how to lead a team where every individual has a different mindset and at the same time be a Team Player! Most importantly it makes you a disciplined, focused and a dedicated person who won’t stop working hard burning the midnight oil unless the target is achieved!

My journey of sports started at a very young age, the entire credit goes to my dad who is more passionate about sports than me, even at the age of 52 it will never happen that he won’t go and at least play badminton for an hour. He made sure that we – my brother and I spend some time from the day for our physical fitness.

I started my sports career with Skating. I participated in a couple of tournaments. And then at the age of 8, I started playing Badminton. Slowly after a year, I started participating in state tournaments. All those early morning fitness trainings and late night court sessions paid off and I started winning state tournaments. And years passed I kept on representing Gujarat for Badminton.

Even though due to the hectic work schedule now I cannot go regularly to play but I make sure at least for an hour I do something for my physical health.


Q – Which sport do you play?

Badminton is my game… I have been playing it since the age of 8.

But since I am passionate about sports, I play various other sports too occasionally like Volley Ball, table tennis, lawn tennis etc. If you are making a team for some event and you are short of a good player for your team, you can definitely rely on me 😀


Q – What’s your take on Womenasia – A complete Sports Fiesta exclusively for Women?

I think it is a very good initiative taken by Sportzify to organize such a huge event specifically for women to encourage them to showcase their playing and fitness skills.

Events like this help us to interact with like-minded sports enthusiast. Such events bring a change in our daily hustle and bustle of everyday life. Makes us fresh and energetic.


Q – What is your best memory in your life related to any Sport?

Well, there are so many good memories that I have, related to Sports. It is kind of difficult to narrow it down to just one. Be it winning not only in my age group but also in a category above that in State’s Badminton tournament and seeing the proud look on my dad’s face while I was receiving all the awards. 

Also, I received an award from the Education Minister on Women’s Day for excellent performance in Badminton and representing Gujarat on multiple occasions.


Q – How do you take out time to pursue your Passion For Sports? What would be your advice for the same to the other Women?

As they say, it is all about priorities.

If you think something is important you will definitely find time for it. Even though I have a 9-hour job, sometimes I even have odd shifts but still, I try to go and at least have a 1-hour sports session.

For me, Fitness comes first.

I strongly believe that there is no point in exhausting yourself by just running behind money at cost of your physical health. What is the point of earning a huge number, if you are no longer in a position to enjoy what you have earned!

So an advice which I would like to give to not only Women but everyone out there is to take out some time from your busy schedule and dedicate it to your physical fitness because a Healthy mind resides in a Healthy Body.


Q – What do you think is missing in the current sports scenario for amateur women sports enthusiast like you?

Motivation is the factor which is missing in the current sports scenario for Women Sports!

People, when motivated, can do wonders. If proper motivation is given, people might consider sports as a serious stream rather than just an option for time pass! And maybe one India will be a superpower in Sports !!


Q – Any suggestion to companies like Sportzify on how we can help this cause?

The only suggestion which I can give to Sportzify is to organize such events on a frequent basis to create awareness among everyone on the importance of Sports. So that people can realize their Passion for Sports and also get to know the pleasure that comes with playing sports!

It not only keeps you fit physically by also mentally. There are so many advantages involved in playing sports. Sportzify can help people realize the benefits of sports!


Q – A message that you would like to convey to other Women through this platform to make sure they come onboard in the sports activity of their choice.

“Fitness is not about appearance, it’s about health. Health of Body, Mind and Soul”

Make sure you spend some time from your day towards your physical fitness… it will keep you energetic throughout the day. Participate in such sports activities like the ones organized by Sportzify, winning is not everything, but participating is.

Come join us in the event “Womenasia”- a sports fiesta by having fun along with staying fit. Do not miss out this chance to participate in such a huge sports event specially designed for women to encourage them to showcase their Passion for Sports!!!


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