Co-Working Unicorn WeWork Speak About Clash Of Titan

WeWork, the World’s largest provider of shared workspaces, is onboard with us for our biggest sports extravaganza in Bangalore – CLASH OF TITAN 2017 – A War of Sports between Startups and Corporates.

WeWork has recently opened its doors for India with its first collaborative workspace in Namma Bengaluru – “WeWork Galaxy”. Their platform is for creators, be it a Startup or Corporate. Just as Sports, they do not discriminate between Startups or Corporates, but People with Passion.

We were very careful in choosing the right brand partner for Clash Of Titan. When we met the WeWork team there was some kind of similarity in the mindset of how exactly we wanted to showcase this event. WeWork never wanted to be showcased as a sponsor. They wanted to be a partner and that’s what impressed us the most.

Best part of bringing WeWork onboard for this special sports & fitness extravaganza is the enthusiasm in the team regarding the theme. The work culture and the community that we see in WeWork is really infectious. People are super enthusiastic about anything new and are really passionate about what they are doing.


Read on to know more about how the Co-Working giant WeWork decided to jump into a War of Sports between Startup & Corporate in their own words.


Q – First and foremost, what’s your take on the concept of ‘Clash Of Titan’ – StartUp Vs Corporate?

It’s a very interesting concept that Sportzify has started and we are looking forward to seeing how the first edition of this works out. The excitement and success of this company’s previous events is something that brings confidence going into this one.

Clash of Titan is more of a unifying concept than a dividing the people. Bringing a community of working professionals to a common field is what makes this exciting.


Q – Do you think it is fair to make Startups which has comparatively less number of employees compete against a full fledged army of Corporates?

We think it is great that Start-ups are being given an equal opportunity against Corporates. The kind of energy there is amongst start-ups today is commendable and inspiring. We are sure the startup employees spirit will make up for the numbers they lack.

A good competition with a good sporting spirit is in store for us.


Q – Before we move forward with this interview, Can you help us understand What is WeWork? We understand Your brand is pretty well known in the market but it will be great to explain some of our readers who haven’t heard about your team.

WeWork is the platform for creators – a global network of workspaces where companies grow together.

Teams of any size can find refreshingly designed collaborative space, private offices, and meeting rooms that energise their employees and their guests. But WeWork is so much more than four walls—providing community, amenities, events, and technology to evolve space into an experience.


Q – We understand you are very conscious in your decision of coming onboard with any sponsorship? So, Can you throw some light on Why did WeWork decide to jump on this concept of a Sports Clash between the two style of working population in Bangalore?

There might be two styles of working population, but at the end of the day, we’re all about community and teamwork where everybody is striving to do what they love, which is what WeWork encourages.

In this case, everybody is coming together for their passion of sports and have the WeWork mindset of hustling and reaching their goals.


Q – Let’s divert our attention to the Clash Of Titan happening in the month of September. Can you tell our Sports & Fitness enthusiasts what can they expect from WeWork during the event? We heard you are giving away some goodies.

WeWork is bringing the spirit of community and coming together. We’re giving away WeWork t-shirts and bottles for all the participants.


Q – At Sportzify, we say that our passion for sports and the zeal to make glamorous sports entities for the masses and not the classes make us different from anyone else. What’s that X-Factor with WeWork that people can notice that difference at one go?

Apart from our beautiful workspaces and services, WeWork’s X factor is our global community, as it includes 145,000+ members from around the world. Through our app, you have access to this community (156 locations, 17 countries) who are there to help you grow and succeed.


Q – If somebody wants to reach out to your team or check out your cool office spaces, what’s the best way to do that?

Call us on 1800123365365, or you could pop by our first Bangalore location – WeWork Galaxy on 43 Residency Road. If you’re in Mumbai, swing by our second location WeWork BKC, located in the Bandra Kurla Complex.


Q – Let’s dig deep into the event now. Who’s your pick for the event – StartUps Or Corporates? And Why?

We’re rooting for both teams! They both have passion and spirit. Do keep a look out for the WeWork team though 😛


Q – One message that you would like to convey to all the sports & fitness enthusiast of Bangalore?

We ourselves are very much into sports and fitness, we even have a weekly WeWork Wellness event at our spaces. This could include kickboxing, yoga, Zumba, CrossFit – anything that encourages wellness and fitness. There’s nothing like adrenaline to get those creative juices flowing and help keep you motivated throughout the week.


After this discussion with WeWork, we are all pumped-up to make this sports clash, even more, fun and engaging for you to make you feel no less than a sports-star. Watch out to know who will get the Ultimate Championship Title – Startup or Corporate?

Want to check the details of the event – CLICK HERE.


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