The All Rounder Sports Freak – Vipul Sharma

Meet The All Rounder Sports Freak – Vipul Sharma

Vipul Sharma is one of those guys you looked up to when you were a child. His profile below will confirm our statement.

When we asked Sharma to tell us about his childhood, we got a rather passionate and long answer. “From childhood I was into sports. My daily routine was to come back from school, have lunch, complete homework and other tasks so that rest of the day I can play. It was very difficult for me to wake up in the morning for school but on Sunday, I used to wake up on my own for cricket match, without even setting an alarm. I was the captain of my school cricket team and then went on to become the captain of my college cricket team also. I started table tennis in 7th standard and became a part of school team in 9th. We played CBSE clusters and a few inter-school tournaments and performed well.

In summer vacations I used to complete all the school work in first week (as I was the topper of my class that was also a priority). I used to go for swimming regularly, play cricket and then table tennis in the evening”, he says.

As cricket is his favourite sport, his role model is Jacques Kallis as, “he was and he is the best all-rounder in cricket.”

He gave away a little secret, too. “Till 10th standard I was very thin because of my imbalanced diet. I used to play a lot and not take proper diet. Eventually I understood its importance and started taking all required supplements and food”, he says.

He also said, “For a person who has interest in some sport or game, he doesn’t need a reason to play. He knows how to remain fit and healthy. For others, when they see other people who are not into any sport struggling in their lives because of health and fitness issues and on the other side they see a fit person, I think that is when they go for the latter option”.

His advice to our readers is, “Even if you don’t have passion for sports, give some time to it. Take it as a need. Choose a sport of your interest and start. Don’t wait for the right time. Invest your time in sports and fitness so that in future you don’t have to spend time going to doctor and hospitals”.

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  1. And he is a master blaster in snooker too. Btw he is from IIIT-A passed out. :-p

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