Sportzify Khel Utsav – Celebrating Our Childhood Sports Activities

When you were young what were your favourite sports? It might have been Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennis or some other mainstream sports. Right? But there were many other sports activities which we also use to enjoy playing with our friends.

We don’t find children playing those sports anymore. It’s very rare to see someone playing 7 stones (Pittu) or Kho-Kho these days. 

Believe me, if someone tells that playing these sports were easy then you better ask them to play at Khel Utsav on Nov 11th. It wasn’t easy to play Kho-Kho or Pittu (Lagori) or Dodgeball. You require a great presence of mind, flexibility and good fitness to perform well.

For a moment let’s forget about the skills required to play these sports activities. This article is not about the skills. It’s more about the passion and enjoyment of playing these sports.

Before moving ahead, checkout this video. You will love to see what we are bringing for all the sports enthusiastic Bangaloreans on 11th November.

So how was the video? First time when our marketing team showed this video there was a smile on face. Looking at these children playing these sports made me travel back to my 90’s.

So what are we doing on 11th November? We have planned to do a Khel Utsav where we want every single person -Kids, Adults, Old People to come and enjoy these sports. 

There is a small twist here. It’s not a typical Sportzify activity which is more of a competition. Here you will register as individuals and we will form teams for you with random unknown people.

Now there are several excuses people give for not participating in any sports activities. If you had an excuse of not having a team to play with then we have solved your problem as well. If you feel the entry fees for the tourneys are high then here we have kept the entry fees as low as Rs 250. 

If you are worried about your early morning breakfast then we have taken care of that as well. We will be providing breakfast to all the participants.

Let’s go through the details of Sportzify Khel Utsav once:

Date: 11th November | Saturday | 9AM-12PM

Venue: Decathlon Sarjapur

Sports Activities: Pittu (7 Stones/Lagori), Kho-Kho, Dodgeball and Tug Of War

Category: No age category is there. Kids or adults. Anyone can participate. 

Entry Fees: Rs 250 (In this you can play all the sports)

Prizes: Medals for the winning team. 

Breakfast will be provided to all the participants. 

Register as an individual and not as a team. We will be making the team on the spot with random people in one team. Our motto is to bond and grow your team with unknown people. 

Registration has to be done online:

I have a small thing to share here. When we decided to launch this Khel Utsav, we did a small survey with our Sportzify sports & running community to check if people are interested to participate in this or not.

The response was phenomenal. We received such an outstanding response from 74% of our community members that we decided to go ahead with this entity. 

The only thing that we want to achieve through this Khel Utsav is to make sure people start playing again. And what better way than to start with your childhood sports.

It’s one of the best occasions to come along with your family and friends and spend 3-4 hours with like-minded people and spend a weekend by enjoying sports activities which you will remember for a long time.

We are giving you an opportunity and now it’s up to you to grab this one. Come onboard and get a feel of ‘ 90’s Ke Sports’ 





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