Inspirational Story – We call him ‘The Cricket Boy’

We have seen and heard many inspirational stories related to sports and fitness. Starting from Yuvraj Singh to our blind cricket team winning the world cup are few examples of it. At Sportzify we believe to introduce every single inspirational story that we come across. It will be the best thing for us if we can inspire even one individual to be healthy and fit.

cricket boy

Here is a story of a person, we don’t know his name so we named him – ‘The Cricket Boy’. We were organizing one of our corporate tournament in Malleshwaram Bangalore. We saw him playing cricket just like anyone else. Our cricket boy cannot walk but that does not stop him from playing cricket. The enthusiasm and sportsmen spirit that we could see in him just cannot be described in words. He was the wicket keeper and took one brilliant catch and looking at his celebration like MS Dhoni made our day. He did not accept any kind of sympathy instead to step up and show the world how to lead life even in difficult situations.

An inspirational video of our ‘Cricket Boy’ :

Seeing him bowl and bat just like any other normal player gave us goosebumps. It reminded us again that life will never be fair to you but its upon you how you want to handle that. Some fail miserably but the champions like our cricket boy rise up in difficult situations and inspire the world. 


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