Sports is not just about ‘Cricket’ !!

Sports in India is a source of big entertainment nowadays and it has spread its wings far and wide beyond Cricket. It has witnessed the growth of sports like football, kabaddi, hockey, badminton in the recent years. Even athletics has emerged as a promising field.

Cricket is a religion in India which binds people irrespective of any caste, creed, geographical boundaries and even gender. This “religion” funda where the players are elevated to the stature of “God” like Sachin Tendulkar, has been exploited well by the newly born concept of Indian Premier League (IPL) which has become one of the best ways of entertainment and an avenue for the players to earn million bucks.


This has become infectious as its effect could be seen in other sports as well such as kabaddi and football.  IPL has found its extension in kabaddi in the form of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) and due to the involvement of celebs like Bachan’s it has gained much popularity resulting in more people staying glued to television for kabaddi. Nonetheless, such leagues are of advantage not only for its “entertainment” factor to the audience but also to the players as they get much needed exposure. It harnesses talent which otherwise go unnoticed resulting in increasing faith of the people in a career through sports. This Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) has raised the standards of the game, given recognition, respect and brought honour to the game and has made it India’s second favourite sport. It lifted “kabaddi” from the dark world it was encircled around and has proved yet again that with the love and support of people every sport can become as worthy as cricket and get its place and honour which it should get.

Lalit Modi’s idea of IPL that came as a boon or blessing (you call it whatever you may) for the players, team owners and audience helped many in becoming “Ameer Aadmi”. Taking inspiration from the concept of Indian Premier League, even the sport football which is considered next to cricket, and whose craziness has also made people worship international players like Maradona, has come up its own league, Indian Super League.

Hockey has also received its much deserved respect and honour from the people because of Hockey India league, again based on the format of IPL. Thanks to the “kripa” of Mr. Lalit Modi. (The man behind the inspiration of such leagues).

Indian Badminton League organised by Badminton Association of India is the richest badminton league in the world. Such encouragement is definitely helping the youth to come out of the shell and take sports seriously and the rise of the players are an added factor.

One of the advantages of such upcoming “leagues” are that it is highly encouraging for the youth and they are re-considering taking up sports as their career. It has also made parents think twice before saying “khelne se koi bada aadmi nae banta”.

Even sports like badminton or tennis or even athletics, Indians are performing like never before and breaking the stereotyped image and conception attached to it. We are moving towards breaking the stigma and nurturing the latent talents or interest of Indians towards sports.

So, now when one think of the term “sports” it is not just cricket that comes to their mind but also kabaddi, badminton, hockey, tennis, football and even basketball. Very recently, Satnam Singh made India and Indians proud by making its way in NBA, a dream which I am very sure, none of us would have even thought of considering. This 7 foot 2 inches man has become an inspiration to many.

Say #BleedBlue not only for Cricket but for every other sport and every other player.


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