Sports & fitness activities with a flavor of fun – #StayFitHaveFun

Sports by themselves have faced intrinsic scientific research for health benefits and disadvantages. Not just physical, but mental health as well. It has come to such an extreme point that Sports have lost the essence of fun and joy, and have instead become subjects of cold scientific interest. Whereas sports should be experienced in metrics of fun in the sun (rhyme not intended), and the immeasurable joy of scoring a goal or taking a wicket, it is now experienced in terms of calories burnt, fitness achieved, injury risk rate, artificial enhancement, and so on and so forth.

Therefore, it is integral to rejuvenate the true essence of one of the most wonderful activities ever known to mankind. We do just this by showcasing some unique sports that are meant for pure unbridled pleasure, with a slight or absent flavor of fitness.

10) Sky-diving 


Enough about fitness already. This is one is pure pleasure. One of the most exciting not to mention dangerous activities around, falling at over 10,000 feet into nothingness is like no other feeling. First-timers don’t need to worry too much about training as you have an instructor strapped to you throughout the fall. However heavy you may feel when falling, your wallet will definitely be much lighter as it is rather expensive.

9) Skate-boarding  



This one is a tough one to learn initially. But once mastered, the art of balancing oneself with confidence on a skateboard is the coolest thing around. It doesn’t contribute too much to fitness unless you do a lot of it, but does enhance your balance and body coordination. It can literally be done anywhere, on any surface-flat, slope, hill, garden, you name it.

8) Hiking 


Another “sport” which is not really practiced in a competitive form, hiking is an incredible activity one can do on one’s own. Walking and trudging through difficult terrain in forests, hills, mountains or desserts is a challenging task and a great opportunity for introspection while strengthening those calf muscles. All you have is a compass, map and your wits.

7) Rock-climbing  


An activity that has caught commercial attention of late, rock-climbing is now possible not just on, well, rocks, but a multitude of gaming centers and adventure activity lounges now cater to artificial rock-climbing. Test your fear of heights, dependence on grip and drive to reach the top in this grueling yet enjoyable task!

6) Boating  


An often forgotten past-time, boating has taken a back-seat in comparison to its cooler older brothers Rafting and Kayaking. Needless to say, boating will not really make you break a sweat (unless it’s really hot) but can be a great way to spend time with friends or family while observing peaceful scenery all around. Head to India Gate next weekend to witness first-hand!

5) Archery  


Remember how cool you used to think Robin Hood was? We don’t know much about your philosophy regarding stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, but one trait you have to admire about Robin is his precision when it comes to the bow and arrow. Archery is a formal entrant in all major sporting events globally and whatever it lacks in physical strain, makes up in mental tension, precision and concentration training.

4) Billiards  


Finally a sport that you can relate a big Indian name to! Billiards also marks a digression from mainstream sports (as long as you agree men dressed in trousers in an air conditioned room doesn’t count as mainstream) and can be a great way to enjoy. The billiards table is a table encompassing strategy, direction, precision and strong competition. You can even imbibe all these via its sister activities snooker or pool.

3) Golf 


Golf is considered a sport, but well, not really. It’s the one game that you can truly play against yourself and try to reach a better target each time. It’s played not so much on a 20 acre golf course, but rather on the 6 inch course between your ears i.e. your head. Long gone are the days when it was considered an old man’s game. Practice makes perfect is the most applicable here.

2) Zumba 


You call it Dance? Some call it Life. What it you could combine your love for dance with music and a great workout? Zumba has caught on as a legitimate aerobic exercise and involves fusion of Spanish and global dance styles designed to get you into shape while grooving. Gym and Salsa Classes? Please, get them two-in-one with Zumba!

1) Chess 


Number one on our list is the least physical after Archery. Chess is undoubtedly Numero Uno when it comes to beating competition using your mind and is simple enough to be learnt by anyone. There are no calories to be burnt but many, many brain muscles to be stretched beyond the limit. It truly is a great high to outwit a seasoned opponent in a mind-meets-mind battle and once you start winning, you’ll never want to stop.

Do you have any other sport in your bucket list. Do put it in the comments section. 


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