A new platform for healthy people – ‘My Fitness Story’

We at Sportzify believe that every person has a story to tell and when it is related to fitness and sports we don’t want to miss it.

On the occasion of Christmas, Sportzify is going to launch their new platform – ‘My Fitness Story’.

my fitness story

My fitness story will try and bring the ‘Kahaani’ of all those individuals who wants to tell us about their fitness journey. It will start right from the champs who represent India in sports and fitness to the working professionals to every 50 year old person running every morning to everyone who has a story related to sports and fitness. It will be a platform for anyone who wants to share the experience about healthy living.

Interested to share your story ? Don’t want to write it ? Don’t worry we are there for you. Send your Name,Email id and phone number to hello@sportzify.com. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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