Messi vs Ronaldo – Who is better?

How does one choose between Pizza and Ice-Cream? A sophisticated Hollywood masterpiece verses an unbeatably entertaining Bollywood Dhamaka? Stunning snow-clad hills in Switzerland vis-à-vis the magnificent beaches and coastline in Scotland? All these choices are equally awesome, and their beauty is not only subjective, but contingent on practicalities of certain situations. So, Messi or Ronaldo ?

  1. Style verses Substance? Messi 1: 0 Ronaldo

    Messi’s supporters often argue that their idol portrays much greater substance than his flashy counterpart. They say his emphasis on team orientation, passing and creating genuine value for his team: Either Barcelona or Argentina is superior to the often flashy, entertaining and stylish play of his Real Madrid counterpart who relies more on step-overs and tricks to Wow the cameras. messi vs ronaldo

  2.  Skills? Messi 1: Ronaldo 1 

    He might be selfish, but Ronaldo sure is entertaining. Whether it’s an amalgamation of rainbows, tricks, side-steps, step-overs or fake-shots, he will keep you glued to the TV screen and keep defenders utterly confused. The sheer pace of foot movement coupled with strategic awareness is a quality that is tough to ignore. messi vs ronaldo

  3. Versatility? Messi 1: Ronaldo 2

    Ronaldo again wins out here. He has played for Porto, Manchester United and Real Madrid and his experiences across continents and football styles leave him in the best stead to grapple with new terrains. This is unlike his counterpart who has spent most of his life in Barcelona. Furthermore, Ronaldo is a leading scorer both for club and country, whereas Messi has relatively failed in the latter. messi vs ronaldo

  4. Integrity? Messi 2: Ronaldo 2

    Integrity, character and commitment are true virtues of the game and cannot be ignored. Ronaldo has been accused of diving (not only to get penalties but getting opponent members sent-off as well) and influencing referees manipulatively. Messi on the other hand puts his head down and does an honest day’s work. Well not work, but play, in this case. messi vs ronaldo

  5. Impact? Messi 3: Ronaldo 3

    What is the bottom line? Both stars have contributed immensely to top their respective goal scoring charts, assists, spot-kick conversions and handling pressure to score goals when it counts the most. When the clock strikes the 90th minute and an equalizer or winner is needed, the stage is always set to see a dramatic Ronaldo free kick from yards out, or a scintillating Messi finish from outside the box. messi vs ronaldo

So, we end with a tie.

In Football-which is moving at the fastest pace yet, it is all too easy to make comparisons between players who often have very differing styles and create an impact in their own unique manner. Rather than quarreling over who is better, let us instead be grateful that we are living in an age where we have been able to see Ronaldo and Messi both at their prime-a feat unlikely to be matched for generations to come.

Do share your views on it. We would recommend do give a logical reason before choosing in between two masters. 


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