Karate Hero – Satyen Kumar Goswami

Meet ‘Satyen Kumar Goswami’ – The Karate Hero

“Do something now that will make the person you’ll be tomorrow proud to have been the person you are today.”

Satyen is every couch potato’s nightmare. The man lifts weight, plays soccer; practises karate and words like endurance, stamina and strength are a part of his daily vocabulary. He gladly talked to us about his fitness routine while we are still trying to figure out how a 26 year old can be that motivated.

Satyen has probably spent more time on the field as a child than anyone else. He has played football as a goal keeper both at school and college level and was also part of competitions like running races, long jumps, shot-put and discus throw. Ask him about karate and his grin turns a mile wide.

He says he realized the true meaning of fitness while practising karate. The Sensei always pushed him to do his best and Satyen delivered. He makes time for his fitness regime in spite of his packed schedule. Diet is followed equally strictly with vegetables, poultry and protein shakes.

His favourite fitness idols are Boyka, Scott Adkins, Elliott Hulse and Frank Medarno.  Mr. Adkins seems to be his favourite as he gushes about the former’s strength, agility and physique.

The path towards fitness has not been a lonely one for Satyen. He and his mates used to start every drill together and stop together. For him, it is not only developing oneself but helping everyone around you grow as well.

When we questioned his die hard motivation towards personal fitness, Satyen said it was fear. Sounding like fitness Rumi, he said that he is scared that if he doesn’t take of his body, his body won’t take care of him.

Reach him at: Email – satyen.kumar123@gmail.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/satyen.k.goswami

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