‘Kabaddi’ – The old sport is here to stay !!

Kabbadi is your kind of sport only if your quick,agile and have good strength and presence of mind.

We Indians often tout our patriotism and remember to don our kurtas and flags on the 15th of August every year. Our schools do encourage singing the National Anthem and other patriotic songs in morning assemblies, but in this era or liberalized globalization, the western influence is evident. Speaking of sports, walk through any playground you will see young kids wearing football jerseys with foreign names such as Beckham, Ronaldo and Messi. Have no fear though, Kabbadi has arrived with a ‘desi bang’, and it is here to stay.

kabaddi fitnessIt’s not really new in that sense. All of us can trace childhood memories of playing this fantastic game which required no equipment, stadium or money whatsoever! Bollywood actor and now professional kabaddi league team owner, Abhishek Bachchan played the game as well.

I’m not really sure how it was created, but it’s not hard to imagine that it was an accidental amalgamation of school-tag and wrestling. In fact there are some interesting historical nuggets embedded in the fun facts below:

Kabaddi Kool Knowledge:

kabaddi – It’s Bangladesh’s National Game

– ‘Kabaddi’ originates from a Tamil word, Kai-pidi, which means ‘holding hands’

It first received international exposure when India demonstrated the sport during the Berlin Olympics in 1936

– Kabaddi was played in India as far back as 4000 years!

– The first Pro Kabaddi League season was the 2nd most highly viewed sports tournament on Indian TV in 2014 after the IPL!

– Kabaddi is the only sport in which the Indian team, both men and women, have won all world cups since its beginning

Kabaddi explained:

kabaddiTwo teams of 7 players stand on either side of a line. Each sends a “raider” across to the other side, one by one. The raider must tag as many opponents as he can and rush back to his side before the defenders catch him.

Wait for it…..

The raider must hold his breath the entire time he’s trying to tag someone and keep chanting “kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi” to prove he’s not breathing.

The Pro Kabaddi League:

pro kabaddi league Charu Sharma teamed up with Indian businessmanAnand Mahindra to launch India’s first pro kabaddi league, based along the lines of Indian cricket’s successful IPL.There are eight franchises owned by corporate honchos and Bollywood stars.

Abhishek Bachchan, Ronnie Screwwaala and Kishore Biyani have bought franchise rights for the Pro-Kabaddi League while Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and YoYo Honey Singh have bought teams in the World League.

The first season was from 26 July 2014 to 31 August 2014. There was double round robin matches along with two semi -finals, third place and final games. 56 games were to be played in the first round and 4 in play off stage making total of 60 games. 8 teams took part in first edition. First game was played between U Mumba and Jaipur Pink Panthers and the final was played at MumbaiJaipur Pink Panthers beat U Mumba by 35-24 to win the inaugural Pro Kabaddi League.

Kabaddi – More than meets the eye

3Watching the recent Kabaddi league might leave you with the misconception that it is merely a rugged battle platform with strength meeting strength grounded on a physical plane. The key factor is the need to strategize your opponent’s positioning with your own understanding of your lung’s ability to sustain without breathing. It almost resembles chess in a certain sense, except on a physical plane where both mind and body are pushed to the limit. What a workout!

On a personal side, given the scams and match-fixing cases that are increasingly emerging, it’s nice to have a sport like Kabaddi. I mean how the heck are you supposed to cheat and fake holding your own breath?

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