From Guddi to ‘Fitness Guddi’ – A story you must know !

Journey of a girl who personifies fitness and crossed several hurdles in life, made sacrifices and never gave up on her dreams of becoming a true fit and a genuine sports personality. ‘Is story me emotions bhi hai, thrill bhi hai, comedy bhi and most importantly there is a girl known as “Guddi”, oops sorry “Fitness Guddi”

A Journey – From Guddi to “FITNESS GUDDI”

Millions of children are born in India every year. Millions of dreamers take birth at the same time.Only few convert their dreams into reality and we have a story to tell our readers about one such person. Guddi Agrawal was one of them. Born in December 1972 in a middle class family, Guddi was thoroughly pampered by her elder brother and sister.

Providing for a family of five is no simple task but Guddi’s parents always made sure that their children never lacked anything.  Perhaps as a result of being the youngest child, Guddi was also the most impishly mischievous one. On any given day one would find her climbing the mango tree, playing Kabaddi with the next door children or breaking something or the other in her house. As much as her father loved her, he completely disapproved of Guddi’s utter tomfoolery. He had certain ideas about how girls had to behave and Guddi always seemed to do the exact opposite.

fitness guddi

Guddi’s safety blanket during such times was her mother. Her mom always believed that Guddi would make a mark in the world and hence always favored her with special treats and secret pocket money. Guddi says – “I still remember how i used to hide behind mother’s saree to run away from my jungli siblings,,aaaah ! Those days ,it was fun”

Guddi was lucky as she was being brought up in a neighborhood that took its sports and games seriously.Guys,it was an army complex where fitness was always given top priority.  A sports arena was the product of a recent election and it was there that Guddi developed a lasting passion for Table Tennis and Basketball. The neighborhood boys considered her to be one of them and played accordingly. At school, Guddi didn’t stand out except for her height. She was however a chummy girl and made and kept friends with great ease.

Life was good and Guddi became a pro at Table Tennis. Basketball was a bit harder to master but she never missed a shot.One fine morning when she was in sixth grade, it was announced that an Inter-House TT tournament would be held. She was one of the first kids to register and practiced extra hard that evening.She saw a chance to make it to the school team and go ahead to play zonals.

fitness guddi

fitness guddi

You can plan and prepare for the best but things don’t always go right. Guddi woke up early,took her kit and went of for school. A sunny morning did not promise a happy day and Guddi played her best game but still lost out to her senior and it was one of the most crushing disappointments that Guddi had known till date. Guddi says – “At that moment i felt embarrassed because i had so much hopes from myself and most importantly i had let down my mom’s expectation who had supported me by going against my dad ”

fitness guddi

Her mother’s words of comfort failed to soothe Guddi and she went to bed, refusing food. When she looked back at her life, Guddi felt that this was the time when her existence took a major turn. Guddi did not realize but destiny had some amazing stories for her. She didn’t realize but this was the time when Guddi started to get known for some of her skills and was not just any other student of class 6B.

Guddi remembers those days cannot stop exclaiming her thought- “Kya din the, woh sapne aur woh bachpana – memorable childhood”

fitness guddi

This is just the beginning friends, this story has just begun now.The main link of Guddi’s life starts after this when she starts getting popular because of her skills, her ambition,her struggle in sports and fitness,fights with her dad , her struggle in sports career and finally to be known as fitness Guddy.

Guddy says – Life’s not that simple, but if you need to achieve something you gotta make sacrifices and if you are making sacrifices it will hurt you for sure. Be Prepared!!

Guddi asks you to be prepared in life and as we say lage raho kyunki “Picture Abhi Baki Hai Mere Dost” .

This is just the beginning of a story that will surely motivate you to always follow your passion and do what you are best at. Hook yourself to our fitness mantra!!



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