13 dialogues we all have heard while playing ‘carom’

There will be hardly any Indian who wouldn’t have played this game in their childhood. Yes guys you are right. We are talking about carom. A game which provided immense entertainment and has left all of us with some beautiful memories.

The pleasure we all had when we gave a game to anyone or beat them by just few points in the final board. Taking the queen and missing out on the cover or taking queen and the cover in one single shot. In this blog we have tried to our best to refresh your memory with some typical dialogues you must have heard while playing this game.

13 typical dialogues you might have heard while playing ‘Carom’

  1. carom
  2. carom
  3. carom
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  9. carom
  10. carom
  11. carom
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  13. carom

Do you remember any other dialogue or any other thing which people around you use to say. Do share with us. We would love to add it in this list.

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