Few of the biggest badminton fights you must know

Who says Love cannot make you do crazy things. It can and especially the Love of Sports can make people cross boundaries. Let’s have a look at some of the biggest badminton fights in the history of Badminton (Not that we want to re-live it again, but still we should know…

  1. Canada Open Fight :

Thailand’s Bodin Issara punched compatriot Maneepong Jongjit  during the finals of the Yonex Canada open, 2013 tournament  after chasing him on to a neighbouring court during a change of ends in the men’s doubles final. Coaches and officials rushed to separate the pair, who had been warned by the referee following a verbal exchange earlier in the match.

Issara and his partner, Vilailak Pakkawat, were promptly disqualified, with Jongjit and Nipitphon Puangpuapech awarded victory.

badminton fights

  1. Korea Open Super Series :

China’s temperamental world No 1 badminton player Lin Dan failed to control his emotions during his Korea Open Super Series,2008 final loss to Lee Hyun-il on Sunday, but he blamed his outburst on his compatriot Li Mao, the coach of South Korea men’s team. The clash broke out after a shuttle from Lee seemed to have gone out from Lin’s baseline, but was called in by the line judge.

Lin complained to the umpire as he approached the chair. As he neared the coaches’ chairs, the video review showed, Li clearly said some things that Lin Dan didn’t like. Lin suddenly lost his temper and raised his racket toward Li, leading to a shouting match between Lin, Li and Zhong Bo, Lin’s coach.

badminton fights

  1. China’s Coaching Camp :

The list of badminton fights cannot be complete without this.Lin Dan punched the men singles coach Ji Xinpeng, Sydney Olympic Gold Medallist after he and Ji fell out over the outcome of an internal Thomas Cup simulation match at the training camp of China’s badminton team in Fujian province. The match simulated the format of Thomas Cup comprising Singles and Doubles matches. Lin Dan was grouped with Chen Yu wheareas Bao Chunlai was with Chen Jin in another team. Although Lin Dan defeated Chen Jin in the singles match , his team eventually lost to their opponent.

Apparently, Lin Dan was not happy with the result of the match and questioned Ji about the arrangement of the order of the ties. The two then exchanged some heated words until suddenly Lin took a swing at the coach, but was immediately stopped when he tried a second attack. Ji did not fight back after being hit.

badminton fights

Looks like they took the phrase “Everything is Fair in Love and War” too seriously. Or, is the word “BAD” in “BADminton” really bringing out the devil .  Eh ? What do you think about these badminton fights ?


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