8 Things People Say About Table Tennis in India

If you are a Table Tennis player and have played it with some passion you will realize that the sport is not that easy to learn. People think that you just don’t require any fitness and skills in playing TT.

They fail to understand that if they play TT the way it is supposed to be played then they will know the level of difficulty.

The kind of attention, quick reactions, flexible body, good eyesight, skilfulĀ hands and extreme practice required is not understood by many. But those who play any sports and are real sportsmen definitely value the game and also the players.

Let’s come to the funny aspect and see what people in India think about table tennis.

8 Things People Say About Table Tennis Only in India:

  1. table tennis in India
  2. table tennis in India
  3. table tennis in India
  4. table tennis in India
  5. table tennis in India
  6. table tennis in India
  7. 8

Have forgotten to include some other dialogues which we hear. If you have heard them too, do share with us so that the list can be better.

One suggestion to all those who believe in the dialogues above – ‘Respect every game and Respect every sportsmen’

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