5 must watch fights in an India Pakistan Cricket Match

Boom  Boom ! Baam  Baam ! This is the subtle sound of clashes between the two greatest nations in the world. Its all about India Pakistan Cricket Match.

One nation where cricket is considered to be a Religion and Sachin Tendulkar its God and, another nation which is a home to the fastest bowler in the world , also nicknamed as “Rawalpindi Express”, as a tribute to his hometown.

Can you guess it ? Yes, you guessed it right !!  Its India versus Pakistan. The most thrilling and adrenaline pumped game.

  1. Kiran More vs Javed Miandad

 In the World Cup of 1992, Miandad was batting against India, and Kiran More (the Indian Wicket Keeper)  kept saying stuff behind the wicket who was like 2 feet away from Javed. This made Miandad angry and he stopped the bowler and went up to More which resulted in some verbal clash. After this, the Pakistani moved away from his crease, turned towards More and did three perfect monkey jumps, holding the bat in both hands where he was basically trying to imitate the More’s appealing stance.

  1. Shahid Afridi vs Gautam Gambhir

Another instance was seen in the Ind vs Pak 2007  ODI Series ,where Afridi was bowling against Gautam Gambhir and things were going really tight. While taking the run between the wickets, Gambhir ran into Afridi and barged into him wherein, things got heated. He tore into him with the choices of Hindi gaalis and Afridi did the same.Eventually the umpires had to intervene to stop the fight of the colourful words.

As a result of the incident, the referee Roshan Mahanama fined both Afridi and Gambhir 95% and 65% of their match fees respectively.

  1. Aamir Sohail vs Venkatesh Prasad

The spat that happened in the quarter final of World Cup, 1996 is one of the most talked about fights. Pakistan opener Aamir Sohail slashed a four off a delivery of  Venkatesh Prasad to the square boundary. Sohail then openly lampooned Prasad by pointing the bat towards the stand, as if telling him to fetch the ball. The Indian paceman bowled a leg-cutter, and the ball crashed into the off stump. Now, it was payback time for the charged-up Prasad who gave Sohail a send-off to the pavilion with some colourful words. This led to quite an eruption on the field.

  1. Gautam Gambhir vs Karman Akmal

In the Asia Cup of 2010, Gautam Gambhir was facing the ball of Pakistan spinner Saeed Ajmal. Although, he missed the delivery by a mile it was appealed for a catch behind by Akmal. The same incident happened again. So, once the over was finished and the umpires called in for the drinks Gambhir walked up straight to Akmal and confronted him about the appeal. It turned into an ugly spat and could have been more uglier had M S Dhoni, the player at the other end not pulled Gambhir away from this situation.

  1. Ishant Sharma vs Kamran Akmal

In a T20 game against Pakistan in December 2012,  Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma went hammer and tongs at Pakistani wicket keeper- batsman Kamran Akmal. In the tight contest game when the pressure was at its peak, the two got into an argument when Akmal was declared not out after he was caught off a no-ball by Ishant, and was beaten on the next ball. Soon both players exchanged a few angry words at the middle of the pitch and started yelling at each other. Finally, the pair had to be separated by the ground umpires and Indian players.

It seems as if the once called ‘gentleman’s game’ no longer does the justice to its name.

Any comments or memories about India Pakistan Cricket Match. 


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