20 things which describes our ‘Cycling Ki Yadein’

Do you remember the summer vacation time when all your friends group use to come out in the morning time and play various games like ‘chor police’,cycle race and many more on our very own bicycle.

We try to relive those days and cherish our ‘Cycling Ki Yadein’ through this blog. If you have some more points so share with us.

  1. The day you see your friends cycle and you are super jealouscycling

  2. Your birthday, Your Cycle – The first Onecycling

  3. Your mom is the best support you have while you are learning to ridecycling

  4. Riding with one wheel on each sidecycling

  5. The day you decide to remove one of themcycling

  6. And finally it’s there on just two wheelscycling

  7. Ride it as fast as you can – ‘Dhoom Machale’cycling

  8. Your first fall and you say – “Kuch nahi hua”cycling

  9. That famous cut on the chincycling

  10. Your first cycle racecycling

  11. First ride by carrying your friend on the backseatcycling

  12. First visit to buy grocery by driving to the marketcycling

  13. Most memorable moment when a girl asks for a ridecycling

  14. The chain slips off and its time for repair


  15. You grow tall and the cycle looks so smallcycling

  16. The demand for the new ‘Gear Wali Cycle’cycling

  17. Second cycle pops in but the old one is still the bestcycling

  18. Your cycle day out with friendscycling

  19. Buying a new one when you start working – ‘Fitness is Imp’cycling

  20. First trip to office and you are super excitedcycling

These moments are somehow related to every kid. Some points may differ but the essence and the attachment we have with our cycles and this activity cannot be put into words.

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