15 Dialogues you will hear in any Indoor Cricket Tournament

We have seen the development of Cricket in recent times. Cricket used to be a sport which is used to be played in big fields wearing chappals or bare foot, but in recent times we have seen a great popularity for a different style of Cricket.

Welcome to the world of Indoor Cricket guys!

A small Arena with a max of 7 players a side and 22 yards mated pitch gives us immense entertainment. It shows us glimpses of best fielding, a new style of batting and some deceptive bowling.

Sportzify has been associated in organizing several cricket events and has heard some of the typical dialogues on the field.

We are presenting the Most Common Dialogues we hear at any Indoor Cricket Tournament.

  1. indoor cricket
  2. indoor cricket
  3. indoor cricket
  4. indoor cricket
  5. indoor cricket
  6. indoor cricket
  7. indoor cricket
  8. indoor cricket
  9. indoor cricket
  10. 10
  11. indoor cricket
  12. indoor cricket
  13. indoor cricket
  14. indoor cricket
  15. indoor cricket

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