12 Comments You Will Hear From Indian Cricket Fans Of 90’s

There is something special about Indian cricket and Indian cricket fans. When we talk talk about Indian cricket then how can we forget about the era of 90’s which we all know to be one of the toughest phase for the cricketers to rise above all ods and make a spot for Indian cricket on the world stage. People might debate on the golden era of Indian cricket and the best players we have seen during 90’s but the fact is that there was something great and a different feeling we all use to experience during 90’s.

But now when all those who have seen the era of growing phase of Indian cricket see Indian cricket team collapsing even at home then they have few typical dialogues while watching the match. So guys lets sit back and take some fun in the dialogues which we always hear from spectators who followed Indian cricket closely during 90’s

12 comments we hear frequently from Indian Cricket fans of 90’s:

  1. indian cricket fans
  2. indian cricket fans
  3. indian cricket fans
  4. indian cricket fans
  5. indian cricket fans
    indian cricket fans
  6. indian cricket fans indian cricket fans
  7. indian cricket fans
  8. indian cricket fans  indian cricket fans

Do you have few more memories of Indian cricket fans of 90’s then do share with us? Share your feeling about the difference you see in the cricket celebration in India. 


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