10 things we hear from people about marathon events!

Participating in running events or marathon is not an easy task. All those men and women jogging away to glory in the morning is finally troubling your conscience. Plus they all look like they actually enjoy the activity and not like an angry spouse threatening divorce if the kilos didn’t reduce were the motivation.

We still hear people saying weird things about the ones who participate in any marathon event.

10 things people say about the ones who participate in marathon events:

  1. marathon events
  2. marathon events
  3. marathon events
  4. marathon events
  5. marathon events
  6. marathon events
  7. marathon events
  8. marathon events
  9. marathon eventsmarathon events

If you have heard some of the other stupid dialogues that people say about marathon events then do share it with us. Participate in the upcoming marathon event on 19th December at Decathlon Sarjapur. 


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