Decathlon – Like them or dislike them but you can’t ignore them

There have few brands which have globally raised the bar of sports and fitness industry. We have seen companies like Nike,Puma etc coming up on a global level and promoting sportsmanship more than their product.

There is one brand which has stood in all sectors of sports and fitness. Yes readers you are absolutely right we are talking about the one and only Decathlon. It is one of the world’s largest sporting goods retailers. It started with a store in Lille, France in 1976.

In India they have played a major role in evolving the way people look at sports and fitness industry. Starting from their customer service to their play arena to each and every product is no less than phenomenal. They have opened more than 50 Stores across India with new initiatives being launched every single season.

We have the pleasure of having a great partnership with different Decathlon stores all over Bangalore. It feels great to work with a team of supper enthusiastic individuals. It has been more than 2 years and our partnership is still going strong and taking a better shape. The main reason for it is the similar passion and different work style that both Sportzify & Decathlon posses.

This is a tribute from our end to this company who have played a major role in Indian sports and fitness. 

10 things we love about Decathlon:

  1. You will find almost everything related to sports and fitness 


  2. Big space for anyone to try any equipment 


  3. Exceptionally knowledgeable employees – can even be referee of any sports ! 


  4. Brilliant sports facility beside their store to try your sporting skills


  5. They are not just selling they are good sportsperson as well 


  6. Brilliant event organisation is a part of their regular work: They love doing it on regular basis


  7. Amazing customer experience is the only thing they believe in 


  8. Mantra is to build a community around sports and fitness 


  9. Best place for children to be away from typical video games and enjoy the feel of what real Sports mean 


  10. Best products to make you look awesome even while playing 


If you felt good reading this then we suggest you to visit any of their stores because this blog doesn’t even define 10% of how beautiful and engaging this place is. 

You can also participate in any of our Sports & Running events happening at several Decathlon stores in Bangalore.


2 thoughts on “Decathlon – Like them or dislike them but you can’t ignore them

  1. Decathlon is an amazing place to define,explore and attain a different height of sportsmanship.
    Personally I am a almost a regular customer at Decathlon,Noida. Purchased lot of products specially in Hiking Section.
    All are amazing imbibed with great technicality.
    Even its a place where I interacted with like minded people who already explored a lot in the field of our interest.
    Really true mentors.
    Thanks Decathlon they have undertaken the challenge to make India a sports country.
    I wish Indian trade rules would be more flexible to rise you more and more.

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