10 Excuses of Badminton Players during any Tournament

We just love to participate or even be a spectator at any Badminton Tournament. The next time you watch a match in the Badminton Tournament, just focus on the way certain players react to some of their shots. You will find it really funny and sometimes weird as well.

As we say there is no end to the different kinds of excuses we make especially when we lose or fail at something. So sit back and enjoy some of the best excuses you hear players making during any Badminton Tournament.

10 Most common Excuses of Badminton Players in any Tournament:

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  2. badminton
  3. badminton
  4. badminton
  5. badminton
  6. badminton
  7. badminton
  8. badminton
  9. badminton
  10. badminton

Do you know any other comment or excuse that you have heard during any such tournament?

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