Sports Club Pass: Sports Club Booking Bangalore

You have been doing Sports Club Bookings either through calls or through multiple apps. If you know that you play 3 hours or 6 hours or 12 hours every week then why do you have to book your slots everytime. We have a solution for your court booking. Try out the new Sports Club Pass.

India Runs on Chai & Bangalore Runs on Badminton 

Book your Sports Club Pass for either 3 hours / 6 hours / 8 hours / 12 hours and use the pass anytime within 10 days. Not only that, You will get amazing discount in any of the pass as compared to your per hour court booking. Grab your passes with 20% / 30% / 40% discounts on your court booking.

List of Badminton Courts in Bangalore for your Sports Club Pass:

WhitePeacock Sarjapur & Kudlu:

One of the best badminton Clubs in Bangalore with 12 courts in Sarjapur arena and 4 in Kudlu arena. This badminton court has gained lot of respect and eye balls of the best badminton players in Bangalore. Grab the Sports Club passes and book Whitepeacock Sarjapur / Kudlu in the easiest way possible and at highly discounted rates.

  • Weekday Afternoon Pass: 3Hrs/ 6hrs / 8hrs – 15% Discount every hour
  • Weekday Pass: 4hrs/6hrs/8hrs – 15% Discount every hour
  • Weekend Pass: 4hrs – 10% Discount every hour
  • Women’s Pass: 4hrs – 25% Discount every hour

Star Badminton Academy, Sarjapur:

Star Badminton has been one of such clubs which has made a mark since it’s inception. The club has 4 wooden badminton courts and amazing space for the viewers to watch others play. If you consider the location, this badminton court should get 5 Star for that. It’s right on the Sarjapur main road. Book Star Badminton

  • Weekday Afternoon Pass: 3hrs / 6hrs – 41% Discount per hour 
  • Weekday Pass: 4hrs/8hrs/12hrs – 45% Discount per hour
  • Weekend Pass: 3hrs /6hrs – 27% Discount per hour
  • Women’s Pass: 33% Discount per hour

PlayMania Bellandur: 

One of the few badminton courts in Bangalore which is continuing to running almost 16 hours everyday. It attracts the local corporate audience. Playmania badminton club has built their returning user base as their loyal customer. Booking Playmania badminton court online has never been easier after we introduced the sports club pass.

  • Weekday Pass: 3hrs/ 6hrs – 10% Discount per hour
  • Weekend Pass: 4hrs/ 8hrs – 20% Discount per hour
  • Women’s Pass: 20% Discount per Hour

Namma Shuttle,HSR Layout:

One of the very few Badminton Courts which is right in the middle of one of the most happening places in Bangalore. HSR Layout has been very lucky to get Namma Shuttle in their locality. Namma shuttle Badminton Club has provided great badminton facility at a very reasonable rate. Book your Namma Shuttle Badminton Court online by using these passes and get better rates.

  • Weekday Pass: 3hrs / 6hrs – 30% Discount per Hour

JustPlay Sports Club, Electronic City:

JustPlay Sports Club has been one of those clubs where Sportzify has a great partnership. The Team behind this club provide a great customer satisfaction and easy way of club booking. The rates in the club is very attractive. They have launched their Football turf last month which makes the club very useful as it will attract the champion footballers as well. Our Sports Club Pass makes the booking at JustPlay Sports easier.

Weekday Afternoon Pass: 3Hrs/ 6hrs / 8hrs – 11% Discount every hour

  • Weekday Pass: 4Hrs/6hrs – 9% Discount Per Hour
  • Weekend Pass: 4hrs / 6Hrs – 7% Discount Per Hour
  • Women’s Pass: 11% Discount per Hour

Smash Sportz Electronic City:

Electronic City has become the hub for Badminton. Introduction of Smash Sportz was one of the best things that could happen to the local audience. Badminton lovers make great use of this facility. You will always find this club full of people of different age groups. Book Smash Sportz Online using the sports club passes online.

  • Weekday Afternoon Pass: 3hrs – 25% Discount per hour
  • Weekday Pass: 3hrs – 25% Discount per hour
  • Women’s Pass: 50% Discount per hour

Jump N Smash Hennur:

There wasn’t many badminton clubs in Hennur, Hebbal area for the people to go and practice their Badminton Skills. They had to either come to CV Ramanagar or around Marathahalli to play once in a while. Jump N Smash has one of the best lights in their courts and good location makes it more attractive. Book Jump N Smash Badminton courts online using Sportzify Sports Club Pass.

  • Weekday Pass: 4hrs/8hrs/12hrs – 10% Discount per hour
  • Weekend Pass: 6hrs/8hrs – 8% Discount per Hour
  • Women’s Pass: 3hrs – 25% Discount per hours

Orchid Badminton Academy Marathahalli:

There are more than 5000 people of the Tech Parks which this badminton club targets. They have 12 courts and most of them are busy all the time. Orchid Sports Academy being one  of the new badminton clubs in Bangalore is making it’s presence felt and giving tough time to nearby badminton courts.

  • Weekday Afternoon Pass: 3hrs – 44% Discount per Hour

Process of badminton club court booking in Bangalore remains very simple.

Choose a pass according to the number of hours you usually play –> Choose your sports club –> Show the booking confirmation to the Sports Club and collect your Pass –> Book your slot anytime within next 10days by either calling the club or by checking the slot availability on our Website/App.

It’s time to avail big discounts for your badminton court booking on hourly basis. No memberships, no monthly fees , no hourly booking. It’s time to grab your Sports Club Pass.

In case of any bulk booking kindly contact 9742172747 or mail us on


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