Pradyumna Rao – Runner From Amazon

Meet “Pradyumna Rao” Techie From Amazon and A Free Runner

Pradyumna Rao works for the retail giant Amazon and has probably spent more time as a runner (not from the job) than he has in his workplace. A true blue techie, he runs in marathons and not in the rat-race.

In his childhood he used to love being outside playing cricket, volley ball, swimming and cycling. But his parents weren’t too pleased about the time he was spending outdoors. Hence he ended up studying most of the time.

He still took time out to participate in extracurricular activities in school and college and was active in NCC, NSS, and many other NGO activities. He has also done his part for the society by being a regular blood donor (donated 11 times till now).

Rao has been a regular runner for two years now. Before that he visited the gym for many years but found the whole routine a tad bit boring. He says he has now found his life’s calling in marathon running. His first running event was in January 2014, where he ran 10 kilometers in 47 minutes 23 second. And he was hooked from then on.

Runner Rao is of the opinion that there should be running clubs in each and every locality of the city. It will help people become aware of the importance of running and in turn will be motivated to join the running clubs. He goes on to say that in the past few years the running culture has grown drastically especially after the release of the movie “Bhaag milkha Bhaag”.

We asked to let us in on his schedule and this is what he had to say. “In a month, I participate in at least 2 marathons, which totals up to twenty four events a year. My favourite marathon is Shriram properties Bengaluru marathon, and Bengaluru Midnight Marathon. I run 8 kilometers daily,5 days a week and eat only what is required, by avoiding junk foods. Few years ago I hit the scale at 90 kilograms but after adopting a fitness routine I am now down to 66.” 

He graciously shared advice for people who want to get into running. “I would suggest SMART goals, which is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related. It means, one can set goals to run 1 kilometer for 6 weeks and then gradually increase without straining. One should not stretch beyond one’s capacity just by seeing long distance runners. They also would have undergone rigorous training. Hence keep weekly goals and achieve, if possible keep a running buddy with you who have similar likes and interests.”

When asked about his Fitness Mantra, this Runner said “Practice, Practice and Practice.”

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