Video: Indian Olympic Winners till date

Can you guess how many medals Indians have got in Olympics till date? Can you guess a few Indian Olympic winners? Tough question but if it was Cricket then i am sure most of us would have answered it correctly. Anyways, Indian athelets have won total 26 medals. It includes 9 gold medals, 6 silver and 11 bronze medals. I am sure this number will go beyond 30 after this years Rio Olympics. 

Before moving into the details and why we should support for our olympians,check out this video. This will give you the details i was referring in the previous paragraph. 

It all started in the year 1900 when our first olympic contingent went for Olympics. From then to 2012 we have secured most of the medals in Hockey, few in Wrestling,Boxing and Shooting and ohers in Tennis and Badminton. 

But, this blog is not about the details. This is mainly to highlight how far behind we are as a nation when it comes to supporting our own Indian olympians. These athelets never get the respect and lifestyle they deserve in their own country. Most of the Indian olympic winners have not received half glory as our very own cricketers. They work day and night at their camps, leaving their family behind only for one single thing – A Gold Medal for India. We must seen the kind of pressure boxers and wrestlers like Marry Kom and Sushil Kumar have faced but think about the athletes who go to Olympics and come back without a medal. Don’t you think they deserve some respect too?

As we say – “99 ko koi yaad nahin rakhta, Taliyaan to sirf 100 pe hi bajti hain”

Why do cricketers get all fame,money and adequate facility even after loosing the World Cup. Why does our Sports Authority think of any other sportsmen before an Olympian? It’s a question that we all should ask ourselves. The reason is we have never supported our Olympians or cheered for them,posted on social media about them as we do for Bollywood actors or even an ice bucket challenge. These guys compete against athletes and sportsmen who are getting the best facility in their country. Still everytime we give them a tough competition and win medals.

I have nothing against Cricket or Cricketers or even people supporting it. It’s just a small request to all the Indians who love sport – “Common Guys! Bleed Blue for all Sports. These athletes are representing us on the world’s biggest stage. We atleast owe them our support and wishes”. 


Sportzify team wishes each and every Olympian the very best at Rio Olympics 2016. 




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