5 healthy lunch ideas during your daily work

For attaining a healthy body, it is very important to have a proper meal. Both skipping meals or overeating are signs of having improper balance and are not an advisable habit for long run.

Lunch forms an important part of your day’s meal as it provides energy to the body when one’s physical activity is at its peak. And when it comes to lunch nothing at all, and I mean it, beats the Indian “Roti Sabzi”. A hot chapati dipped in some ‘desi ghee’ and a freshly cooked vegetable right from your mom’s kitchen is any day better than cheese bursts. But change is a necessity and you definitely crave for something interesting while your boss loads you with extra work during your work hours.

So here’s our list of five simple yet quirky healthy lunch ideas you can try from next week. Do let us know if you have some hidden recipe from your menu in the comment box below.

  1. Mason Jar Salad :If you are a sucker for vegetables and love them fresh and crunchy, then this is going to be your . Pick up a glass jar or any jar of your choice and layer the vegetables you wish to have that day. The only trick is to keep your dressing and juicy vegetables and fruits at the base and go up with the dry stuff like sprouts or nuts. This keeps the content fresh for a longer duration and while you are about to have your lunch, just turn them in a bowl and mix it. There you have a fresh plate of healthy meal right in front of you.  healthy lunch ideas
  2. Whole wheat rolls/wraps : We all know rolls and wraps and we all love them. The only idea is to replace the base with a whole wheat and there it is. You have a healthier option. Stuff it with your favorite filling and you’ll totally enjoy the new twist to your lunch. healthy lunch ideas
  3. Roasted Meat : Butter is tasty we know that. But honestly, you can do away with it for a healthier option. Roast a piece of meat with basic spices and loads of vegetables for a tastier and smoky texture. And that’s it, pack it and head for your work without a second thought. You’ll definitely thank us while enjoying your lunch because it not only a simple recipe but tastes divine as well. healthy lunch ideas
  4. Pasta : Admit it, we love it and it’s not a task to make this ultimate Italian Cuisine. Swap your regular pasta with wheat or multi-grain options and Voila! Just a little bit of effort in the morning and you’ll surely relish it during the hectic work hours. It’s easier if you keep your favorite sauce (red/white/green) ready in your fridge for quick use. healthy lunch ideas
  5. Quiche : Yes you guessed it right. It’s the savory sister of a pie. May be it’s a bit low on the health quotient given the high content of cheese and butter in it. But once in a while it is a definite winner for your lunch menu. healthy lunch ideas

So next time you plan on to changing your day’s menu and decide to choose from one of these healthy lunch ideas, make sure you pack a little extra for your colleagues who are definitely going to dig in.



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