10 habits of fit people – Learn it!

There’s no particular set of things that one does for staying fit. Just minor changes in your daily habits and Voila! Fitness is not rocket science and doesn’t require expertise. Follow these basic steps and you’ll feel the difference yourself.

  1. Eat a lot:

    That doesn’t mean you should move to large fries rather than medium. Instead, it means eat smaller proportions but multiple times. That will kick up your metabolism which is the first step for healthier body.fit people

  2. Sleep like a baby:

    Drop the habit of late night movies and internet surfing. Get sufficient sleep and let your body undergo the healing process. Wake up fresh for the next day’s grilling. It’s said that for complete fitness, one must have atleast eight hours of tight sleep. So switch off your internet and hot the sack.fit people

  3. Know you:

    One of the major key to a fit body is knowing yourself. The type of body you have, the work you usually do and your metabolism speed. All this assist in understanding the type of workout you must opt for better results.fit people

  4. Drink like a fish:

    As per science, one must drink atleast 5lts or 8-10 glasses of water. It helps in flushing out toxins off of your body making it healthier. When you keep yourself hydrated, you have a natural feeling of fullness and that assists in curbing unnecessary desire of eating.fit people

  5. Healthier options:

    When one says “eat right”, that doesn’t mean you have to go to a grocery store and buy everything with the label “Diet” on it. It simply means you should know what your food is made of and than make a wise choice of avoiding unnecessary stuffing of carbohydrates. Not that you should avoid carbs, but excess is surely avoidable.fit people

  6. Mix and match:

    People these days have a very low span of attention. They get bored quickly and hence giving up is a bit more common habit. If that’s a case with you too, then be prepared in advance. Select a combination of multiple activities that you like and keep you interested.fit people

  7. Say No:

    People offer you food and that’s courtesy which is a polite habit. But always putting your hands in the food is just not good. One must learn to say no. Even if they say it’s low fat or diet. It’s a habit you must drop as early as possible. If you are aiming for a fit body watch what goes into your mouth and keep a tab of it. These small bites and nibbles every now and then can screw up your health habits big time.fit people

  8. Breakfast all day –

    Never ever. Read that again, Never ever skip your breakfast. It’s the first and priority meal of the day and there’s no way you can do without it. It provides energy for the day’s work and keeps you from eating all the junk at workplace and otherwise.fit people

  9. No dinner feasts –

    Our maximum work in during day time and hence that’s the time you need most of your energy. So why eat heavy dinners when all you have to do after that is sleep. The food won’t be digested properly leading to improper health conditions.fit people

  10. Work it out:

    Sitting on your lazy bum and waiting for a miracle to happen is not the right way to stay fit. Wake up, smell the coffee and then go for that run you have been planning to go on since ages. Or hit the gym or take out that yoga mat. Just do it is the key.fit people

There’s a saying for great people that goes just well with fit people, that being ~ “They don’t do different things, they do things differently”. And now you know why do they say so…



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